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Book. "Do You Love Me Or Not?" read online

Do You Love Me Or Not?

Buwan Albatross

Story about:secret admirer, millionaire, second chance

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#2293 in Romance
#862 in Billionaires

On Hold: 21 Oct 19 pages

Publication: 12.10.2022 — ...

Description of book "Do You Love Me Or Not?"

“I don’t care if I’m the first woman to slap you, and I don’t care if all women love and respect you. You deserved that slap because you have a poor attitude and you are arrogant! And remember this: I’m not for sale, mister! No one can buy me, even you. Even if you spend all your money and wealth, you cannot buy me.” I uttered it angrily.

“Really?” he laughed sparingly. “Look sweetheart, always remember this: I will make sure that you will fall for me again. You will be mine again, Poppy, only mine. Forever.” He said and quickly took a step to fill the remaining space between us. Wordlessly and hesitantly, he cupped both my cheeks and claimed my lips.


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Simon Nonso
19.10.2022, 14:52:40


Sharon Constantine
19.10.2022, 12:44:01

keep updating author. curious to see how the story unfolds

Buwan Albatross
19.10.2022, 13:57:33

Sharon Constantine, Thank you for reading, dear! :) I hope you will also follow my account so you can receive a notification when I post a new update to this story. And I have one more story, I hope you can read it too.

Simon Nonso
19.10.2022, 11:37:43

nice one please update more o

Buwan Albatross
19.10.2022, 12:02:31

Simon Nonso, Thank you for reading, Dear! And please follow my account so you will be notify every time I post the new update and also my new story.

13.10.2022, 08:07:44

Looking forward at this book...seems interesting...

Buwan Albatross
13.10.2022, 09:08:42

Hoorain, Wow! Thank you very much :)

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