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Teja Narayan a sweet, innocent, independent, reserve and money saving person who wants to become a doctor by her own. She loves her mother and sister only. She never believes in love and fate. She hates her grandmother and dad a lot but never says anything. She is a self-esteem person also she has to work hard a lot and she loves books and most of the people jealous to her and tries to create problems for her. She loves to help people. She hates boys because of her past.
Tanish Kashyap a rude, self-egoistic, arrogant,cocky, rich spoil brat who have a lovely family. He is a handsome,arrogant, man whore and never focus on studies. His father sent him to a normal school to him. He wants him to be understanding toward money values, humanity and people daily life problem.
Will they meet?

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