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Finding Her

Lizzy Loathes

Story about:soulmate, billionaire

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Publication: 30.11.2020 — ...

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"We all come in pairs" She says whilst running her hand through my hair."Some big, some small, some calm, some feisty. But I cant wait till you find yours Eli,"she whispers into my ears slowly backing away from the room.
"NIght, bub" she smiles closing the door silently.

Where we come from, each person has his or her fated mate. A special person who completes us. My mum would tell me stories about how she met dad and how the fell for each other instantly.
It may sound corny and all, but I was kinda looking forward to it. The one person who will always defend you, and love you no matter what.
That moment, when you find each other, they say, is the most fortunate time of your life. I doubt it. Cause, I am really, really unfortunate. Really

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