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Into the nights

Christabel Adiele

Story about:lovetriangle, betrayals, vampireshuman romance

Age restriction: 18+

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#139 in Romantic fantasy
#43 in Romantic mystery

Ongoing: 06 May 10 pages

Publication: 05.05.2022 — ...

Description of book "Into the nights"

A vampire prince who passed through pain in the hands of his tyrant Father. He lost everything he ever cared for in the hands of his father but he isn't ready to lose the one person who reminds him what happiness is all about. He is willing to do anything including his money and Fame to protect the one he loves.
An ordinary girl who lost her father and is left with no other option than to live with her drug addicted mother and boyfriends.
What happens when Lucy is saved all the time by someone she can't seem to remember?
What happens when she finally remembers her saviour?
What happens when she realizes that she is working for the same person who keeps saving her?
Is she willing to overlook who he really is or is she going to run for her dear life?


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