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Book. "Leave Me Now " read online
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Ongoing: 12 Dec 10 pages

Publication: 28.11.2022 — ...

Description of book "Leave Me Now "

The rain was pouring heavily in night. The thunderstorms were lightning the whole sky. Birds were silent. Wind was violent but they don't know why they are just standing there emotionlessly. Everyone was shocked to witness the scene before them.How could be it possible at the last moment here? The girl who was standing there was also deadly silent. She did not know why did her fate play a cruel game with her every time. Why did she always a victim of unfairness? She couldn't cry. She couldn't bear this? Only one thing was in her mind "why why why it's me ". Shaking her he said
" You are mine. You are..are love...You can't can't leave me....I will never let him to snatch you from are mine you are ..
without any emotion she removed his hand and said


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