Book. "Love is poison, Love is paradise " read online

Love is poison, Love is paradise

Anna Kotlyarevska

Story about:romance, sex and love, distance

Age restriction: 18+

401 8113

#239 in Contemporary Romance
#217 in Romantic erotica

Complete 190 pages

Publication: 17.09.2020 — 13.12.2020

Description of book "Love is poison, Love is paradise "

Hannah and Max live on different continents. Today their future is not defined. Problems with parents, painful rifts with formers... Everyone wants to escape from their own fears. They are confused ... But once they met each other and found support, love ... violent passion. Will characters be able to keep what they have found? But tomorrow they will be separated by thousands of kilometers. Jealousy, lies, betrayal... So similar and so different. Love is poison, Love is paradise... Will they find the strength to turn love into their own paradise? 18+

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Kelly Blickley
24.11.2021, 05:22:29

Will you have book 2 soon?

31.12.2020, 20:26:03

It's gud nd will be waiting for the sequel:):):)

Chato Lansangan
20.12.2020, 19:27:20

Nice story. Waiting for book 2.

Anna Kotlyarevska
20.12.2020, 20:01:18

Chato Lansangan, thanks!

May Pacampara
18.12.2020, 07:55:33

When is the second book will be release?

Anna Kotlyarevska
20.12.2020, 20:01:08

May Pacampara, January-February 2021

Anna Kotlyarevska
30.10.2020, 19:13:05

Hi, dear readers :)

I have a little joy today! And I hope that you too, because from now on Instagram has a mask for stories based on the book 'Love is poison, Love is paradise'! It sounds somehow crazy, to be honest, because I made it myself))) But every time I make sure that nothing is impossible if I really want to and try very hard ;))

I hope that you enjoy the mask and you will use it! I created some effects and also took care of some 'improvements'! So, girls, with it we will be even more beautiful and most importantly - even closer to your favorite story! Ох, can you imagine that Hannah and Max and I now have our own mask?)))) I have no idea so far)))

follow - @annakotlyarevskawriter !!!

I will be very pleased if you share the mask with your followers and mark me! hug you and looooveee!

Anna Kotlyarevska
07.10.2020, 01:24:37

Dear readers, the book is being edited and the chapters are being gradually updated. I don't want to show you chapters in bad quality (because your author is not a native speaker, you know), so I suggest we wait for the edited chapters. Thank you for understanding! History will be back soon! Love, An

Anna Kotlyarevska
16.10.2020, 15:30:26

Kelly Blickley, Added update. Thank you for waiting!

Niya Rahman
01.10.2020, 23:11:23

I'm loving this book. It's incredible. Well done author. God bless you. Love you ❤

Anna Kotlyarevska
01.10.2020, 23:38:45

Niya Rahman, Very nice! Your words are so cute! Thanks! I hug! :)

Ann Bs
17.09.2020, 23:29:02

Must read!!! Literally, one of the best authors ever! Every story is so dynamic and tender at the same time❤️ Sure, it’s gonna be incredible international start!

Anna Kotlyarevska
17.09.2020, 23:39:25

Ann Bs, Thank you for your support, my dear! Without you, nothing would have happened!

Solomia Star
17.09.2020, 22:22:59

Wow! I'm happy)❤❤❤

Anna Kotlyarevska
17.09.2020, 22:28:56

Solomia Star, I'm too!))

Стефанія Лін
17.09.2020, 21:30:45

Thanks, my dear ❤❤❤Very good ❤❤❤

Anna Kotlyarevska
17.09.2020, 21:32:09

Стефанія Лін, kiss u

Alice Magician
17.09.2020, 20:48:09

Very interesting beginning

Anna Kotlyarevska
17.09.2020, 20:52:21

Alice Magician, tnx, my love

Ulyasya Smolska
17.09.2020, 20:08:41

Hi, sweety! You my shiny star! Wellcome on Booknet, dear! Wish you all the best!

Anna Kotlyarevska
17.09.2020, 20:11:26

Ulyasya Smolska, I hold you tight.

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