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Book. "Love On" read online
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On Hold: 17 Jan 3 pages

Publication: 10.01.2021 — ...

Description of book "Love On"

"Will you be mine?" Ace looked me in the eyes with so much emotions that i could not bear to hold, he looked so vulnerable but i am afraid of getting hurt.

Emily is what you consider "invisible" she bearly get noticed, only when bullying and insult is involved. She catches the eye of the school badboy,
will she let herself fall in love?
Will she let her insecurities get the best of her?
Will the heart win? or will the brain win?

Ace is your not your typical badboy, he is a straight A's student and also known as the teacher's pet but people are petrified of him for reason unknown.

What is in store for Ace and Emily?

Find out!!


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zara zara
16.06.2021, 23:12:36

plz unhold this it is a good boooookkkk in favor i will follow you

zara zara
21.06.2021, 15:10:17

TheEmptyShell, ok i can hold on a little good in your medical examination...........i'm routing for you!

Secret writer
11.01.2021, 18:19:18

Nice book.....update fast

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