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Marry Us, Please.

RK WordSmith

Story about:unexpected love, billionaire widower, hired fiancee

Age restriction: 18+

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#1990 in Billionaires
#6064 in Romance

On Hold: 28 Jan 37 pages

Publication: 21.11.2020 — ...

Description of book "Marry Us, Please."

"I own you for the next two Months Sophia Wilson and you will do as I say"

Williams Martinez was the Widower Billionaire Business man who had hired Sophia Wilson a staff of an Ushering Agency to be his fiancee at every business meeting and parties for just 2 Months
till he got the International recognition He always craved.

Cold and Possessive were very simple words to describe him,but somehow this ordinary Usher girl whom his 7 year old Heir and only son, Liam fell in love with at first sight unexpectedly managed to melt his cold heart.

Are there chances that he may give love another go after the very sad demise of his late wife,first Love and mother of his son?

*Read on to find out*


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Naomi Mwangi
30.06.2021, 07:49:43

I love you work please give us some more chapters

Naomi Mwangi
28.06.2021, 14:12:57

Hope you are well I love your story looking forward to more updates

heila de wet
02.02.2021, 17:18:08

why is the updat so slow

RK WordSmith
16.04.2021, 23:22:11

heila de wet, I lost a lot dear to me but I am healing.... I will be back... thanks for the Love

Jayshree Bora
14.04.2021, 19:45:34

why are u not updating... what happened??

RK WordSmith
16.04.2021, 23:21:32

Jayshree Bora, I lost a lot dear to me but I am healing.... I will be back... thanks for the Love

RK WordSmith
25.11.2020, 21:41:51

You go girl.

You are cooking some magic in here.