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Mask: the story of Mellisa de Breeze

Эллин Крыж

Story about:war, mafia, enemies to lovers

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#4 in Action & Adventures
#12 in Historical Romance

Complete 351 pages

Publication: 16.11.2020 — 20.02.2021

Description of book "Mask: the story of Mellisa de Breeze"

This story about young woman which seemed to have no specific purpose.
She was not looking for wealth, not fame, or love.
She just went with the flow and did all that she wanted more at the moment.
And she found everything.
But after this, for not to lose yourself, she had to start all over again.
And at first you need to remove the mask...
The story of a strong heroine from her childhood to the secret espionage service of the almighty Cardinal Richelieu.
(original text in Russian). Read "MASK" in Russian


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Валерия Байкова
05.03.2021, 13:59:57

Wow! :)) Best wishes!

Эллин Крыж
05.03.2021, 14:03:49

Валерия Байкова, Thanks)

Марія Євтушенко
24.01.2021, 20:20:35

Oh, more please)

Эллин Крыж
24.01.2021, 22:03:26

Мария Евтушенко, Thanks! :)

Марія Євтушенко
17.01.2021, 17:37:06

Thank you for continuing

Эллин Крыж
17.01.2021, 23:47:14

Мария Евтушенко, :)

Эллин Крыж
30.12.2020, 13:01:47

Throughout the third part novel MASK switches to updates every other day! There is already a sufficient amount of text to enjoy reading about the adventures of your favorite heroes for the holidays!

D Sapphire
22.12.2020, 20:04:53

waiting for updates can you tell me your name in english? ෆ╹ .̮ ╹ෆ

Эллин Крыж
22.12.2020, 21:49:39

Kavita Yenurkar, Thanks for your reading and rating! My name in English - Zelena Kryzh (or Ellen Kryzh, or just Zelena :)

Ан. Орагиф
16.11.2020, 21:36:59

Сongratulations on the new book!

Эллин Крыж
16.11.2020, 21:38:28

Ан. Орагиф, Thanks :))

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