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My dream brother (kth & Y/n) (completed)

Park Christian

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Description of book "My dream brother (kth & Y/n) (completed) "

There are many uncountable and different wishes like that you had only one wish in your life that is to have elder brother
And fortunately your wish comes true but Your brother had different feeling for you.
what will you choose....
just brother or Lover.

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Harmeet Kaur 22.02.2021, 10:57:11

hi. really love your story . pls keep updating

pelosia 17.02.2021, 12:35:56

Am so much in luv wth ur story, it's bts all the way

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Park Christian 17.02.2021, 15:56:26

pelosia, Thank you so much for loving....
please check my other BTS stories if you have time.
( Temptation) and ( can't get you out of my mind)

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