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My lovely new project


Story about:romance sarcasm humor and love, sex drama seduction comedy, billionaires office appearances

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Alana is independent and daring. Her life has not been easy, she is a woman who knows what she wants and does not hesitate to go find it or at least try it. Realistic to the bone, does not believe in princes or fairy tales, hates that men see the female sex as fragile and defenseless

Brian, a spectacular, handsome, and vain blonde. Billionaire, successful architect, tireless, competitive, and with great social skills. The enchanted prince that many ladies long for, although he is ashamed of his past. He is in search of changes: in his affections, in his habits, and even in his dreams

Their worlds full of contradictions at least agree on one thing: they are both hopelessly stubborn and sarcastic. They attract, complement, belong to each other, but sometimes love and desire are not enough.

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Scarlet Rojo 22.09.2020, 14:56:20

Haughty bitch! I also want a "blond hottie" for me LOL

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MarilynF 23.09.2020, 00:07:23

Scarlet Rojo, We all want one ... you have to stand in line ... and you go all the way ... LOL. A big hug for you. Thank you for your support

Alex admin 03.09.2020, 11:48:21

Hi, please, change the description and tags so that it can be clear that the story is about Billionaire Romance and it can be accepted to the contest. Thank you.

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MarilynF 04.09.2020, 15:44:23

Alex, OMG! What fails! HAHAHAHA ... Sorry my subconscious betrayed me.

Mary Tanzo 20.08.2020, 09:21:00


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