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My Mystic Life (draft)

Beryl Chemtai

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magic, fantasy, modern fantasy


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Publication: 05.06.2020 — ...

Description of book "My Mystic Life (draft)"

This isn't your typical high school story. With werewolves, mages, varsities and a bit of drama. Looks like this is gonna be a blast.

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David Sheets 28.07.2020, 23:10:30

Sounds really great! I can hardly wait until you finish the book! How much longer before you put the rest of it on this website?

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Beryl Chemtai 03.08.2020, 13:00:16

David Sheets, it's gonna be kind of a long time because I have exams this week so I'm sorry to say it will be a while and I'm rarely here but will try my best

Jessica Wright 21.07.2020, 19:50:01

Into it so far. When does the story really get started?

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Jessica Wright 23.07.2020, 21:40:13

Beryl Chemtai, It happens. No worries

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