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Book. "Perpetual War" read online

Perpetual War


Story about:dieselpunk, esper, war

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#203 in Epic fantasy
#35 in Military

On Hold: 31 Dec 535 pages

Publication: 06.09.2019 — ...

Description of book "Perpetual War"

For thousands of years, the Primordial Towers stood with their secrets. The world looked on with curious eyes until the cracking of the first led to millions of deaths.

After countless centuries none can remember the start nor see the end to the war. The wisest souls have chosen death before birth, yet far more continue to grow up to enter the slaughter.

Among this endless cycle stand four young souls set to enter the fray to end all wars:

The sniper who fights for survival at the chance for freedom

The captain that wants to fix the world to his image

The ace pilot clinging to the azure sky

And the mechanized driver eager for death

Each of them connected through their powers as espers, fighting for separate nations trapped in Perpetual War.


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Bob Shoemaker
02.07.2021, 04:31:34

This book is truly unique and pure. I love the book hopefully the author makes a second book.
Now I havent finished this yet but I know it's AWSOME hopefully you wright more

29.07.2021, 04:09:21

Bob Shoemaker, I barely use my Discord account. My email is over on my website though I doubt I can help a ton!

Eric Phillips
02.11.2019, 00:47:02

I love all these quotes

04.11.2019, 03:07:52

Eric Phillips, Thanks!

Nickolas Harbourt
31.10.2019, 23:16:06

nice content

01.11.2019, 01:54:12

Nickolas Harbourt, Thank you!

Mark Pearson
18.10.2019, 19:44:55

cool images

01.11.2019, 01:54:06

Mark Pearson, Thanks, also by the way Mark, I hope you enjoy the latest chapter, it weighs in at over 10K words. Though to be fair, it's the climax to the first arc of the story! Gotta end it on a bang.

Lawrence Frost
20.09.2019, 17:44:15

in your case slow updates are permitted, cause the chapters you publish are extensive

21.09.2019, 18:10:17

Lawrence Frost, Plan is every other week, but keeping the updates consistently long!

Celeste I.
14.09.2019, 10:44:44

Whoa, this was a long, long read! Not that I'm complaining or anything, this was a great read! Where to begin?

While I don't know much about how the world, the mystery building up in the first chapter was well done, making it more ambiguous and up to interpretation for the time being. The rest of the chapters so far do an exciting job with world-building and character interactions.

Natalia has the potential to be a fascinating lead, and her character and relationship with Revu are heartwarming. The other side and secondary characters have the potential to be engaging, as their interactions (for the most part) have been well done.

The dialogue and narration are well written — excellent pacing with the serious and silly, fast and slow. While I don't know about the fantasy or military terms, but it's still exciting to read nonetheless, on how it's unpredictable and suspenseful.

I look forward to reading more of this, keep up the fantastic work~

Celeste I.
14.09.2019, 22:47:38

CardForge, You're welcome; I'm glad you found my review well done and detailed. I didn't think it'd be easy since I thought it'd be hard to describe it, but at least I did it well enough.

I can't wait to see what the future chapters have in store (I added it to the library too)~

Anthony Sterling
13.09.2019, 21:36:33

great idea

Mark Pearson
11.09.2019, 13:00:30

they are still long haha

Mark Pearson
12.09.2019, 18:02:12

CardForge, we'll see

Kim Miller
10.09.2019, 17:19:30

it helps me to discover universes, I didn´t know that they existed

Angel Lederhouse
09.09.2019, 12:21:15

every war begins and ends with deaths

10.09.2019, 01:48:54

Angel Lederhouse, Tis the hard truth.

Mark Pearson
06.09.2019, 12:00:50

what a long chapter

Mark Pearson
07.09.2019, 23:43:31

CardForge, well, let´s see haha

Roza Csergo
06.09.2019, 11:37:58

Hi. Just started reading and I find your work very interesting. This might be the first dieselpunk story on here.
I love the cover and the description too, they are both eye-catching and inviting.
This first chapter at 25 pages seems extremely long, but that's just my opinion.
I added your story to my library and followed you. Would you please consider following back and checking out my stories in return? I'd love to connect with you. Thanks.

07.09.2019, 03:56:32

Roza Csergo, Hey! Glad you found it interesting! I appreciate the follow and did the same! I'll try to check out one of your stories when I get a chance, still coming off one heck of a busy work week.

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