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Phases Of Life

AJ Ana

Series: Short Stories

Story about:shortstory, heartbreaking story, sadstory

22 552

#215 in Short stories

Complete 5 pages

Publication: 01.05.2021 — 01.05.2021

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Description of book "Phases Of Life"

This story is about a 15 years old girl who suffer from lots of problem . Life is complicating to live sometimes but we all have to live unwillingly . After abusing by her own father and her mother's death she was all alone but a hope of ray scatter all over her life and she meet a man who help her to fix her broken soul .


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farha farook
02.09.2021, 09:04:47

seriously loved the story... very inspiring. if possible write more like this... love u Ana

Maureen Mutahi
01.05.2021, 16:46:09

Nice story...beautifully written

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