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Princess Astraea of Sunrisia


Story about:powers, mystery and fantasy, a princess

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#2087 in Fantasy
#782 in Mystery

On Hold: 22 Aug 7 pages

Publication: 21.08.2020 — ...

Description of book "Princess Astraea of Sunrisia"

"Astraea, you are the future of Sunrisia!" A familiar voice mentioned inside my mind making my whole body shudder. This sentence always reminds me of who i am and what i am going to do. I have an aim and I will achieve it. No matter what!


A princess. She is like the treasure of whole Sunrisia and it's people. Long time ago suddenly Sunrisia was being destroyed day by day and there was no hope. No light but only the darkness had spread.
One day a new member of the royal family was born at the Kingdom of Sunrisia. A lovely princess who she is a saviour and very powerful. She is destined for many special things in her life. Her mission is
to defeat an unknown enemy in the near future. During this adventure new characters will get involve with the princess too. Will the light prevail?


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