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The Alpha and The Cursed Dagger


Story about:werewolf, failure, rejection and betrayal

Age restriction: 18+

7 12

#456 in Romantic fantasy
#366 in Paranormal Romance

On Hold: 19 Feb 14 pages

Publication: 19.02.2021 — ...

Description of book "The Alpha and The Cursed Dagger"

Soon to be alpha got fail in shapeshifting. Can you imagine? He was kicked out of the pack by his own people. They look at him with pity but denies to help him. What fate has been written by Moon Goddess? He has big things to accomplish but he was unaware.
He found his true love but got betrayal.
this heart ache helped him to get succeed in his life.
will his failures and rejections become a boon to him or its a long way to find himself? Follow Alpha Lorcan on his journey of from no one to supreme authority.


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