Book. "The Demonic Thirst- Blood Moon" read online

The Demonic Thirst- Blood Moon

Nafisa Anjum Bidhu

Story about:love, demon girl, human boy

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#1404 in Fantasy
#468 in Paranormal Romance

On Hold: 17 Apr 12 pages

Publication: 21.02.2021 — ...

Description of book "The Demonic Thirst- Blood Moon"

A girl cursed to turn into a bloodthirsty demon, falls in love with a human boy. The story continues as the girl awakens from a long sleep, a sleep that swept parts of her memory. She could only meet the love of her life through scattered dreams. As soon as the blood moon comes above, she transforms into her real form, a dark demonic creature that craves blood and never satisfies. And the only blood capable to satisfy her emerging thirst is the blood of the last night ruler, the boy she loves.


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Angry Bird
22.02.2021, 19:56:34

Love this story . Thanks for your share !

Nafisa Anjum Bidhu
25.04.2021, 18:08:49

Angry Bird, Thanks for the support.

Meshkatunnaim Nawshin
24.02.2021, 04:12:15

Really interesting, can't wait for the next chapters... ❤

Nafisa Anjum Bidhu
25.04.2021, 18:08:34

Meshkatunnaim Nawshin, Thanks for the motivation.

24.02.2021, 06:19:59

Just loved the book....really looking forward to the next chapters

Nafisa Anjum Bidhu
25.04.2021, 18:08:15

Ahnaf, Glad that you liked it.

24.02.2021, 22:55:41

Very nice story

Nafisa Anjum Bidhu
25.04.2021, 18:07:57

Sheik, Thank you so much

Sonia Sharmin
21.02.2021, 22:42:57

I am not a book reader. This is my first time in my life, that I read an amazing story. Please keep posting to us. I am looking forward to the ending of the story. Thank you very much for your share.

Sonia Sharmin
22.02.2021, 17:39:22

Nafisa Anjum Bidhu, Sure! I am looking forward to it.

Mahbuba Sudipta
22.02.2021, 08:14:17

Love your writings ! Good job . Keep up the good work

Nafisa Anjum Bidhu
22.02.2021, 17:26:53

Mahbuba Sudipta, Thank you for your appreciation.

Sheikh mostak Ahmed
21.02.2021, 09:01:51

Very interesting and realistic, please go ahead with full confidence. Thanks

Nafisa Anjum Bidhu
22.02.2021, 17:24:58

Sheikh mostak Ahmed, You are welcome.

bipul osru
21.02.2021, 08:56:34

Can't wait for the next chapters.

Nafisa Anjum Bidhu
22.02.2021, 17:24:39

bipul osru, Will be uploading really soon.

Abhishek Roy
21.02.2021, 08:38:08

Beautiful story. I just love the plot of the book. Good luck to the author

Nafisa Anjum Bidhu
22.02.2021, 17:24:19

Abhishek Roy, Thank you and Good luck to you as well.

Selina Akther Osru
21.02.2021, 08:21:29

Such an amazing story you got there!?

Nafisa Anjum Bidhu
22.02.2021, 17:23:50

Selina Akther Osru, I am glad that you liked it.

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