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The Eternal Love

Vijay Kerji

Story about:romance, indian romance, love and story

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#1472 in Romance
#322 in Contemporary Romance

Ongoing: 15 May 24 pages

Publication: 25.04.2022 — ...

Description of book "The Eternal Love"

Sagar Tripathi works as a junior attorney under a well-known lawyer, Raghav Prasad. He meets Raghav's daughter, Lekha Ghosh, who has severed her ties with her husband, Abhinav Ghosh. Lekha and her son start living with her parents.

Sagar and Lekha develop a close relationship with each other. Sagar helps her in divorcing Abhinav so that she could marry Sagar.

But Sagar is arrested for the murder of Abhinav while he tries to win Lekha's heart. And adding insult to his injury, a lady called Prema Dalal claims Sagar is her husband. She cautions Lekha to stay away from Sagar.

Will Lekha remain interested in Sagar even though he is defamed? And will Sagar prove his innocence? Read on…..


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