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The Misadventures of a Young Dark Magician

Celeste I.

Series: The Misadventures

Story about:magic school, magician, misadventures

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#2064 in Fantasy
#176 in Action fantasy

Complete 173 pages

Publication: 01.08.2019 — 15.11.2019

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Description of book "The Misadventures of a Young Dark Magician"

A world unlike our own, monsters disguised as humans, attend a magic academy to learn spells from all kinds of sources, to choose a path towards good or evil. Benjamin is a young dark magician who, along with his familiars Harry and Chi-Chi, attends the school in hopes of becoming a great villain and conquering all worlds.

His first target is Earth, and some misadventures cause him to get to his designated goal sooner than expected. Will Benjamin take over the world and stop anyone that attempts to get in his way or have a change of heart and try to save the planet from impending doom?

While dealing with the circumstances there, shady stuff lingers on in the school grounds as an unforeseen threat, or threats keep a low profile, with a sinister plan on their own. Who is friend or foe?


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Ryo Francis
16.11.2019, 03:32:00

My humble opinion - one of the best book in Litnet :)

Easily one of my favorite - your set-up is awesome, likable bunch of characters, so easy to read

Celeste I.
16.11.2019, 04:18:43

Ryo Francis, Thank you very much for the kind words, I'm so glad you feel that way towards my story :)

Benn. C
03.08.2019, 00:11:13

funny. I like it

Celeste I.
03.08.2019, 04:04:26

Benn. C, Hey, thanks~

Ryo Francis
09.11.2019, 03:52:45

Your action scenes/fighting sequences are written so smoothly - wow! :)

Celeste I.
09.11.2019, 05:42:10

Ryo Francis, Thank you, those parts take me a while to get right, so it's great to know you enjoy them :)

Celeste I.
28.10.2019, 08:12:18

Comment has been deleted

Hallie Schlauch
11.10.2019, 02:52:07

Interesting start! Can't wait to read more! :)

Celeste I.
11.10.2019, 09:14:53

Hallie Schlauch, Glad you find it interesting so far, hope you enjoy the rest of the story too (especially when the next couple of chapters come out) :)

Ryo Francis
14.09.2019, 03:06:44

Wow. I love it. Easily in my top5 stories that i read so far in litnet.
Bunch of cute characters just like your profile pic of Acchi Kocchi :)
Learning to improve my writing skill by reading other stories...
Thanks again

Celeste I.
14.09.2019, 04:35:52

Ryo Francis, Thank you so much for the compliments. I'm glad you're enjoying this story so far!

Nice to see another person recognize Acchi Kocchi and is a fan too~

I think it's a great tactic to read other stories to improve your brain and writing, good on you c:

Marilyn Lucero
03.09.2019, 14:47:09

This story is so interesting.

Celeste I.
04.09.2019, 03:09:49

diamond46, Thanks, I'm glad you find it interesting (Hopefully in a good way) :3

25.08.2019, 07:29:37

Benjamin seems like he'll have a good story arc. His cockeyness is quite comical, as no one else is impressed by his capabilities xD

I'm picturing these interactions like an anime, as they are mostly very exaggerated and silly. It's been a fun read so far.

If you care for some constructive criticism, check the consistency of "thoughts". I noticed most were in italics, which is fine, but then 'one was quoted by apostrophes', and one was just typed out, but followed by "he thought". Also just check on proper use of commas or periods during dialogue, in quotes, followed by who said it.

Just a couple little things to polish up your work, otherwise it's been enjoyable and I look forward to following their adventure to Earth!

Celeste I.
25.08.2019, 09:03:02

dahj_the_bison, Alright, I'm going to go back and re-edit them. Thanks for the feedback~

Eric Phillips
04.08.2019, 19:27:03

magic is good, that´s what we lack nowadays

Celeste I.
19.08.2019, 21:57:10

Eric Phillips, Aw, thanks, I think that's a wonderful idea. I'm hoping to make an impact with my work, not in a super big way, but to have people escape from the real world for a while to another world and get immersed in the stories. One step at a time, no need to rush~

07.08.2019, 21:07:39

Intresting just gone through Part 1 and loving it

Celeste I.
07.08.2019, 23:24:46

TheAPwrites, Thanks so much, glad you love it so far~

David Tallman
01.08.2019, 21:09:53

keep it up

Celeste I.
05.08.2019, 04:24:03

David Tallman, I updated today. But otherwise, once a week on the weekend (Fridays-Sundays)~

K.R Webber
02.08.2019, 15:51:52

It was long but i read the whole thing. I see potential in this story.

Celeste I.
03.08.2019, 04:48:25

K.R Webber, Of course, that was what I meant to say, but I'm bad at explaining things. It's a good way of looking at it, I like getting to know the characters and get a glimpse of what the story could be at the start. When I write, I try to get the characters, premise, and other things out and space them out in different chapters afterward. Thanks~

Roza Csergo
01.08.2019, 07:42:08

Hi. Welcome to the Litnet community. I read your story. It's well written and so nice to have an anti-hero as protagonist. I added your work to my library and followed you. Would you please consider following back and checking out my stories in return?

Celeste I.
01.08.2019, 09:56:35

Roza Csergo, Hi there, thank you so much for liking the story and the warm welcome! I'm new, as you can tell, so I might not know a whole lot about here so far, but yeah, I'll follow you and check out your story in return once I have the time. Thanks again~

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