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Under the Shadow of Night

David Rauenzahn

Story about:angels and demons, bildungsroman, young adult

111 8708

#180 in Epic fantasy
#231 in Action fantasy

Complete 355 pages

Publication: 29.07.2019 — 29.07.2019

Description of book "Under the Shadow of Night"

Eron's home, Ma'ro, has been destroyed by demons that he unknowingly summoned into the Material World; Xanenax, the Left Hand of Lucifer, finds Eron while investigating the aftermath, and takes the boy as an apprentice. They will need one another to survive the days to come, for the Xanenax's authority has been compromised in what may be the final move of the Lord Regent Kira'thaz before the usurper enacts his coup of Hæll. An angel discovers Eron's fate and promises to slay him for the good of what is left of humanity and Creation after the Rending. Hunted by Hæven and dragged down to Hæll, Eron must keep his humanity and sanity within a dark world that threatens to break him, mind, body, and soul.

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