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White Noise (shadows and Sins #2)


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Description of book "White Noise (shadows and Sins #2)"

Like a tender floret in a hailstorm, he surrounds himself with the darkness of the sins he committed. Ruthless, merciless and cold- kill or be killed.

The Greek Mafia afentikó, they call him the 'Dark Angel'.

A man as enigmatic as the silver of the night, lurking in the shadow, basking in the empire he built. Everything a person could ever dream for was at his disposition- yet a wound he harbours deep in his heart.

Broken by the untimely death of his father and shackled by his traumatic past, Raphael Eros Velentzas vows to hunt those down who killed his father.

The ghost of the past plays him like a marionette until the last thread of his nightmares finally leads him to a mute girl.

A girl that held the secrets of his past.

Lunaire Laurier Sybil.

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A Durgaprashanti 16.01.2021, 14:35:39

it's a good prologue author....!
I am 19 and from India. .....:-)

Bhaswati Devi 16.01.2021, 10:26:32


A Durgaprashanti 16.01.2021, 02:39:46

eagerly waiting for first chapter author.....:-)

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