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With Love, xxxx - 2

Varshitha Kancharla

Series: Mafia's love

Story about:frienship, mafia, mafia and action

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#25 in Romance
#1 in Crime fiction

Ongoing: 26 Feb 10 pages

Publication: 23.02.2021 — ...

Description of book "With Love, xxxx - 2"

Will she...
Know him?
Meet him?
See him?
Above all, Love him?
Join in the story of a girl holding pen and a man holding gun.
Sequel of With Love,xxxx.

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Asha Farook 01.03.2021, 11:24:03

I love this book so much...Please author... don't make it paid... atleast not before completing

Jane Caro 27.02.2021, 19:10:11

I love this book n ua stories plz don't put it in payment

Ishita Shreya 26.02.2021, 15:03:46

plzz don't put it on bookscription until it's complete

Rumesa Faheem 26.02.2021, 12:16:55

Please don't put this on subscription I really Really love this book it is a great book

Jasleen Kaur 26.02.2021, 10:53:27

Please put it on subscription after completion

Sakshi singh 26.02.2021, 10:04:59

please put this book on subscription after completion of this book. ....please....

Nasima Mulla 24.02.2021, 11:22:46

Thank you for the update.

Khushi 24.02.2021, 08:27:17

Amazingggg, will you make this paid too?

Purva Vaishnav 24.02.2021, 07:41:44

this is so amazing pls update faster

Seema Farheen 24.02.2021, 06:24:27

thankyou for part 2
plz let them meetin this part and love endlessly

Kalamity Jay 24.02.2021, 03:28:31

love d first chapter....pls do not put it on sale it's a lovely story

Sanskruti Kolhe 23.02.2021, 19:51:14

Do this book will be free like the previous book. Please tell I am curious to know?

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