Bittersweet Love


"Hello viewers. I'm Alicia Brown," The female anchor introduced herself," And you are watching Lightning News. Today's hot top is about Rose Group which was accused of stealing a project from Trust Technology. But after the investigating it was proven that all the accusations against Rose Group were false. After further investigation it was brought to light that CEO of Trust Technology purposefully falsely accused Rose Group because it's CEO didn't agree to become Trust Technology's business partner. CEO of Trust Technology even went as far as creating false documents and data to bring Rose Group down. But due to their unbreakable security system Rose Group has survived a what could have been a great catastrophe. Trust Technology has lost the trust of hundreds of people and has lost all of it's business partners. It looks like Trust Technology which planed to destroy Rose Group actually ended up destroying up itself. Now many new companies are looking to become partners with Rose Group. This is what CEO of Rose Group said in an interview, 'My company has various branches in this country From Technology to cosmetics to clothes to kids toys to jewelry. When I started off with the Rose Technology people said I could not do it that it was impossible to run a tech company for a woman who has no connection. But I did it and proved people wrong. When I decided to open Rose Cosmetics People again said I could not do it and I would end up losing my company. But again and again I proved them wrong. How? Because I was determined. My mind was set and I couldn't be swayed. Yes the risks were very high each time but I took those risks and made the impossible, Possible. And if people like Mr. Jones (CEO of Trust Technology) think that they can take this company away from me then they are wrong. I won't just stand still and watch my hard work fall into the hands of greedy people like him. Let this event be a warning and a lesson to those people who are conspiring against me. ' In her statement she has clearly warned off those people who are conspiring against her. It seems that Rose group should not be underestimated of it's power. Further more it's seems that Clara Rose of Rose Group has decided to open a Book publishing company giving an opportunity for new and young writers. Will Clara Rose once again succeed or not that will be seen in the future. Next up-" The television was turned off.

A man in his mid 60's putted the television's controller down and picked up his phone which was besides him on the sofa. He then Called someone.

"Tell Andrew that he can inherit the company if he can get Rose Group otherwise one of his brothers is going to inherit it. I don't care if he does it by marrying her or by any other means as long as he gets his hand on that company. NOW!" He gave the order and ended the call with a smirk.

"That punk will definitely call me after hearing this. " He said with an evil smile on his face.

15 minutes later Andrew Called. The old man had an evil grin on his face. He accepted the call.

"Give it to Justin or Drake (Andrew's older brothers) I wouldn't care less. I already have my own company and I don't need yours. You can't control me anymore." Andrew said with hatred from the other side of the phone and hung up.

But the old man kept smiling.

"I knew you were going to decline that's why I prepared a gift for you." The old man said to himself. He then called his secretary and ordered, "Mmm send him that file."

"Yes Sir." His secretary answered and the old man ended his call.

"Don't blame me Andrew but you chose the hard way. You chose to make things more difficult for yourself. So bear the consequence.



Edited: 20.10.2020

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