Falling For The Badboy Superstar

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Lana Logan paced around the kitchen, wringing her hands anxiously. Today was the day they would be announcing the winners of the Jordan Carter Ultimate Fan Competition. She had entered it before, countless times and always came short but she always hoped that someday, somehow, someway, she would be finally chosen as the winner from the thousands of fans.

She was convinced that no one loved and knew Jordan better than her. She knew all his songs by heart-she could even sing them in her sleep. She knew almost everything there was to know about him-where he grew up, where he went to school, what he ate, etc. She would certainly qualify to be a doting wife-if he had one.

JC as he was fondly known by his fans, was like the Justin Bieber of the moment. JC had become the heartthrob of many, winning over a legion of fans with his with his effortless good looks-incredible cheekbones, with glacial blue eye, his angelic features and signature shock platinum blonde, not to mention a hot body.  He was set for stardom when he was signed to an international modelling agency at just 12-years-old. Then cast for various acting roles after that and signed up with Universal Music Group by the age of 13. He hasn't looked back ever since.

"Good morning folks. Welcome to the Breakfast Show. It's your girl, Lexy. Today's show will be super lit and action packed so don't you dare touch that dial! I'm sure everyone has been sitting on the edge of their seats and sweating in anticipation. "

"We are going to do the draw as soon as the man himself Jordan Carter makes an entrance. I've just been informed that he has entered the building and I can feel the tension building up from this side. Wooooh! It's getting hot in here!"

"As we wait for JC we will do a quick recap on the competition rules. The Ultimate Jordan Carter Fan Competition was open to all his fans and today, three lucky winners will be picked out from our final draw."

"The winners will go on an all expenses paid tour with Jordan Carter and his entourage for three whole glorious months folks. Three months with your favorite rock-star! It's a dream come true!"

"And just in case you're clueless as to who Jordan Carter is-where on earth have you been?? But do not despair-Google is your friend. Simply type his name and click and you will see that he is the most googled musician right now. He's won every award that can be won under the sun and he's a sexy bad boy but we still love him-right ladies??"

"Ladies and gentleman, girls and boys, it is my utmost pleasure to introduce to you the legendary, sexy, sizzling hot, award-winning Jordan Carter!!!"

Jordan breezed into the room, accompanied by four bodyguards. Two stayed outside the studio and two walked in with him.

"Welcome to the show Jordan-can I call you Jordan? Look at you-you looking absolutely -heart-stopping hot!"

Jordan was rocking black ripped jeans, a plain white t-shirt and a black biker  jacket. He finished off the look with a pair of black canvas Levis. His hair was still wet and tousled like he had just stepped out of the shower. He looked effortlessly hot.

"Thank you Lexy. You can call me whatever you want sweets." He winked at her and gave her a wicked grin.

"Ooh I bet you say that to all the girls." She swooned.

"Not all-some. Just the special ones." He adjusted the microphone slightly.

"Well...Why don't we dive right into the draw and pick this up later?" She flirted openly with him.

"I like the way you think." He flirted right back.

"Right.. back to the matter at hand.." She cleared her throat.

"Right." He shifted in his seat and his luscious lips curved into a smile.

Lexy almost fell off her chair, she gripped onto the table to keep her balance. She was hit hard by the Carter Charm.

He noticed and he seemed to be enjoying watching her squirm. He loved having that effect on people-especially women. She was all hot and bothered just by him being in the same room as her and he laughed at her as he took it all in.

"Please pick out the winners and read them out to your anxious fans." She said trying to control her unsteady breathing.

"Do you need a moment there sexy Lexy??" He bit his bottom lip, teasing her further.

"N-no. No. I'm good." She said flustered, her face flushed.

"Okaaay..so how do you want me to go about this?" He gave a lopsided grin..

"Since we have already selected three guys last week, we have narrowed down the top ten girls that we think are your ultimate fans. So you will randomly pick from these selected few and they will be the final winners. You're ready?"

"Here goes.." He dipped his hand into the bucket and pulled out the first name as Lexy cued a drum roll.

"Our first winner is..Amelia Jones!"

"Wow. congratulations Amelia!" Lexy exclaimed.

He dipped his hand again and pulled out another glittery pink card.

"The second winner is-Bella Winters!"

"Congratulations Bellaaa!" Lexy clasped her hands.

Jordan dipped his hand in the bucket and produced the final contestant.

"Last but not least-Lana Logan!"

Lana stood still and couldn't believe her ears! She won! She finally made it!

"OMG! OMG!" She screamed as she grabbed her long, dark hair. Her already big brown eyes grew wider in amazement.

"Congratulations to all our winners. Jordan's agent will be in touch with you shortly." Lexy droned on but Lana was no longer paying attention.

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