Immortals War


(warning for minor language)


In the beginning, there was nothing. No God's. No planets. No life. Through chance, however, a Universe was created, and that Universe evolved and became vast, and wide, and through thousands of years life was born, and God's came to be.

Thunder boomed throughout the night sky, bright white blinding lightning filled the sky as the loud sound of rain hit the ground. Above the clouds, and the tallest mountains sat a hidden realm, one made of marble white streets and roads, as a large building sat quietly on the marble street. Two black Ravens flew above the small building, their black eyes staring down at a man below who held a spear in his hand.

The man had one eye, which looked towards the building ahead, one of his hands gripped the spear as the other ran through his large white beard before he fixed his long white hair. "It's coming." He muttered under his breath, he would close his one eye as the two Ravens flew down next to him and landed on his shoulders. "You two, I want you to go down towards Earth, I want you to look out for any signs of it." The man said, he would look at each Raven with his good eye, as the one on his right shoulder let out a small cry. "Huginn, I want you to scourer the Northern hemisphere, and Muninn I want you to watch the south." He said as both of them soon flew off and the man approached the building as he pushed the door open, he would slowly step inside as the city disappeared behind him.

The man would step inside, his feet hitting the ground heavily as he walked quickly towards a table, he would hold his spear even tighter as he arrived at it and looked towards two men. "Where's Ra? Horas? Where are all the others!?!" He asked, his eye looking towards two men in front of him, both were about as old as him and had white beards and hair. "They're watching Egypt, they haven't left but the three of us need to speak." One of the men said, he wore a white robe and had much shorter white hair and a much shorter beard. "What about Allah?" The one-eyed man asked as the other man in the room looked at him.

"He's trying to watch out for any signs." The other man said, he had a bushy white beard and combed white hair, and wore a red robe. "Yahweh, have you noticed any signs?" The one in the white robe asked as Yahweh shook his head. "No, I've sent Michael to search, and I'm sending the rest of my Angels to watch for the signs of it coming, but I've seen nothing." He said quietly as he glanced back towards the one-eyed God. "I sent my Ravens to watch out for any of the four, but they haven't seen anything. Zeus, have you heard from Poseidon or Hades?" The one-eyed God asked as he looked towards the man in the white robe.

"Poseidon is watching the Sea, and Hades has been silent for a while. It worries me, but I don't think he's up to anything." Zeus said quietly, as Yahweh looked towards him. "Lucifer has been quite as well, I have my Angels at the ready if he does anything or has anything to do with what's coming. What about your son Odin?" Yahweh asked as Odin closed his one eye.

"Loki's been off the radar for a while, I haven't seen or heard from him. I've seen no sign of his trickery." Odin said as he slowly sat down and Zeus looked at him before looking at Yahweh. "If it is truly coming, if what we fear is really on the horizon, then there's only one thing we can do," Zeus said quietly as Odin closed his eye and took in a breath. "We swore that we would never do that," Odin said as Yahweh slammed his fist on the table.

"We don't have another choice! If it's coming, it will kill me, you, and Zeus, and every God and being that's ever been created!!" Yahweh said as Odin slowly stood up and opened his one eye to look at the two God's. "Fine, it's our only hope. The ultimate creation to stop what is coming." Odin said as Zeus stood up and looked at the two of them. "We have a few years, I'm not sure how long, but the birth of this creation will delay the inevitable," Zeus said as Yahweh nodded.

"I, King of Asgard, God of Wisdom, Death, War and Magic, Ruler of the Aesir, The All-Father Odin give my power!" Odin said as he raised his spear and pointed it forward before hitting the tip against the desk as energy began to come from the tip. "I, King of Olympus, God of Thunder, Lightning, and the Skies, The Mighty Zeus give my power!" Zeus said as lightning formed in the room above as a bolt landed in his hand before he threw it forward and onto the table. "I, King of Heaven, God of creation, The Mighty Yahweh give my power!" He said as he sent a light towards the table. "All God's, of Norse, Greek, and more use our powers to create you!" The three of them said as more energy began to flood into the room from all directions as a small sphere of light and energy sat in the middle of the room.

"Now, you will go, and when the time is ready and right, you will be needed," Yahweh said as Odin looked at him. "You'll be trained in combat, and be wise," Odin said quietly as Zeus looked at the orb. "You'll be strong, and you'll be brave." He said quietly before the ball soon let out a large burst of energy knocking the three God's back before it disappeared and was gone for good.


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