In a land long away

The start

Young half ear ran into his burro pushing dirt and his family to one side. He was a small rodent type creature with a short stubby tail lean with one huge ear and one half the size it had been torn off in battle. His feet were not in proportion with his body with sharp retractable claws. His eyes were huge to cope with the poor light of living under ground. 

"Captain three toes. We have two legs hedding this way." 

"How many." He answered with authority. 

"I saw eighteen and they had four humpels dragging trees.  They had other things that they use to make wood into different shapes and connect it together."

"Humm it sounds like they are planning to set up a living base. Send out watchers to see what they are doing. Tell them to report back three times a day."

Half ear bowed and ran out to tell the watchers what to do. Not a single trenat got in half ears way for they all new that to stop him was to mean a new name. Trenats changed names often if one got a new scare of another died there name changed. For example three leg junior and three leg senior if three leg senior dies then three leg junior just becomes three leg. 

Out of the burro other creatures had noticed the two legs coming. They too had stated to get out of sight dog like creatures with mains. Snake type with legs. And many others. When half ear got to the surface he moved through thick undergrowth to find watchers. He moved with stealth and speed. 

"Watcher cheek scar here are your orders."

"yes half ear we will obay. Are we in danger."

"It is possible." 

The fire in the sky was low and the two legs had stopped moving. They had set up shelter. Half ear could see there shadows on the horizon. Fear was in the air this wasn't the first time two legs had made contact with the trenats. Last time they lost half there clan. They had made a place of many dwellings on top of the trenats burro while they were in it. The trenats had never seen them  before that time. The captain had said that they were never going to be cought out again. 

The dark time was good for trenats there big ears and eyes played to there advantage. The first watcher came back out of breath. 

"Captain." he panted. 

"yes young watcher no marks. What do you have to report."

"The two legs have stopped moving. I tried to speak with the humples but you know how stupid they are. All I got was nearly stamped on. The two legs had killed a grown catodile and had it over a fire. None of us could understand what they said. They have left the humples loaded up with trees and the things they use. "

" good work keep the words coming."

The captain stayed in his section until the watcher had gone. 

" Mate come to me now. " He bellowed. 

A female trenat scurried in. 

"Yes my mate do you want to bread." 

"No my love. We are in danger from the two legs again. I know that I said that I would not let them destroy our home again but." He paused and held his head low. She nudged him with her her. 

"You have been a good captain to us all and we will obay your demands." 

"Thank you but I have changed my mind we will not run again. Call a meeting of the mature ones." 

She left and the captain could hear the message being spread through the burro. Fully grown trenats started to flow into the space infont of the captain. When the space was full others crowded in the tunnel. They all bowed to the captain as they entered. 

"Family we are in danger. The two legs are coming again. I said that we would not be caught out again and this time we know that they are close."

A murmur started to pass around the room. A large trenat stepped forward. 

"Captain I am back scratch senior. We have fought together before. You saved me from the sleathers. When one had coiled around me. I will do what I demand. Until the end of my breath." 

The whole room erupted in high pitched squeeks of excitement. The captain raised a paw for silence. The space hushed and captain spoke. 

" We will not run this time. We will fight but we are little to them and have little time. We are going to need help from the other creatures in this land. We have watchers out and reporting. I need volunteers to speak to our predictors to build a fource against the two legs."

Back scratch senior stepped forward followed by another eight large trenats they all bowed. Then spoke in unison. 

" We are ready to do your bidding."

"Good go to every creature in the land and spread the word of what the two legs do. Tell them that they are in danger as well and we will have to fight together if we are to carry on here. Begg if you must I know this is against everything we stand for. Swallow down your pride or face my rath. Do what it takes to convince them. Now go we have no time to waste."

The room parted to let them leave as soon as they had moved the space they had been in filled up with trenats. A smaller snake like creature fell from the ceiling one of the trenats went to eat it when it spoke. 

"please don't I can help my kind know more than you."

The captain sprung to his feet and snatched the slimmy snack out of the claws of the trenat. Holding it close to his face the captain spoke. 

"what can you do that we can't spulch." 

The small creature cleared its throat. 

"hehe erm well erm well."

"COME ON OUT WITH IT OR BE EATEN." The captain shouted impatiently. 

"My kind are in the ground and we know that more of the two legs are coming. They will be here at next light there is easily over one hundred. There are even more coming from different directions."

The captain let the spulch drop to the ground. 

"Thank you friend. You are safe from us for the rest of your life. Your kind was not where I thought help could be found. Do you think that you can carry on helping."

simon 1982

Edited: 06.09.2019

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