Again today, Taashiyaa wake up seeing  the same dream, some kind of dark shadow is running  behind her. It was almost reached me her. At the mean time she wake up shivering.  For  a few days she is having nightmares or awkward types of dreams as like someone wants to kill her.

“Oh shit! Already 8 o’clock . I should get up now,  else  I will be late for the orientation.” Today is the first day of her medical school journey.  Her dream is to become  a doctor. She lives  with her father. She lost her mom when  she was nine. She is raised by her father. Her father never let her miss her mom. He is her best friend indeed.

(At the breakfast table)

“Good morning, Dad. “

“Good morning, my princess. Come on sit, and have your breakfast, then I will drop you to your school.”

“No Dad , I am already running late, I gotta go. I will have my breakfast later. I don’t want to spoil my whole day  being late. Okay  Dad,  I am going. Good bye.”

‘Good bye dear, Take care of your self.’


(At bus stop)

Helena ,Taashiyaa’s childhood friend is waiting for her. They are at same medical school now.

The bus  has arrived , they got in.


Finally they reached at the  school. At orientation room,Helena whisper to Taashiya “Hey !!Tasha ,look there . The guy is so cute!”

Taashiyaa turn around and  saw  a very handsome guy behind her. The guy was wearing simple black t-shirt but still was looking so attractive.

“ I don’t know why! But I could not set my eyes off from the guy, I am feeling like keep staring him. He has something special !” Taashiyaa even herself could not understand what is she doing!



Sheikh Rumaly

Edited: 15.07.2021

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