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From Me, To You


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Sinopsis del libro "From Me, To You"

“You can’t imagine everything I would like to say with words, but now it is impossible.”
-Thalia, September 17th,2010

I have been in this bed for so long that I don’t even remember how the things are outside. People can’t imagine everything that goes through my head, just my blog notes are witnesses of everything that I can’t say.

There is more than what I have been showing all these years. I’ve been a quiet girl but with a lot of things to say… I can’t avoid it; it’s always been that way.

By letters, I’m going to leave to my friends and family all the things I want to tell them. I know that I’m going to leave soon but, I can’t stop thinking in all the people I will left behind, just with the hope that my letters can help them to continue without me.

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