Because You Loved Me


Suzanne Minnete, (Sue) is 26 years old a well and trained fashion designer. She's so beautiful with her long, wavy, thick and red hairs. Her eyes are big and deep brown lens are settled in her eyes. And looks so much attractive with a straight nose and confidence personality. She respects her parents like an obedient child. She always wanted to be a fashion designer in which her father supported her a lot. Her father wanted her to become a software engineer because he's a CEO of a civil engineering firm. But Suzanne was interested in fashion so she chosen fashion designing as her career and succeeded to become. 

Suzanne's father Mr Mark Minnete lives with his wife Amber Minnete and two daughters Suzanne and Suzy Minnete who is only 10 years old. He loves his family so much and his first priority is only his family. Because of his profession, all live a luxury life. 

 And if about Suzanne life, then Suzanne was never been in a relationship except with Ronald. Ronald Browns is an employee in Suzanne's father's firm. Where Suzanne met him first time and just in three days he made Suzanne to fall for him. Ronald is already married but still he made Sue his girlfriend. Suzanne never knew that Ronald is already married because in three days of interaction he never told her and also Suzanne never asked him about his family and past and got ready for marrying him. 

But that day Ronald didn't come and Suzanne realised that she was wrong about him. 

Suzanne friends background is also good. Her friends are also fashion designers and models who work for the company where Suzanne is a fashion designer. 






Thank you so much dear Readers and I hope you'd like this character Suzanne. And May you receive the grace and peace of God and His glory be cherished.🥀🖤




Heena Kundra

Edited: 30.12.2020

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