Season 1 🎼🎼🎼 Episode 8


She wanted to play this game. Which I knew well of, I tapped on the programmed pad. Tracking where it did stop, ordering the driver to move faster.

My eyes still on the road. She was heading for the foot bridge. I knew we couldn't get across but still it was worth this chase.

I fired twice at her, the second shot hit the remaining tyre. I smiled, at my success in getting her.

It had stopped moving some seconds ago. What I just wanted.

But the damn Lora Halt was not one to give up. Her kind was certainly made up on getting what she wants and that gave me enough reasons to crush her.

She hurried off the bike before it crashed, I see she did continue to run with the target. I kept firing at them both, but she was good to miss every single bullet. Clutching the target close to her as they both ran.

"Stay here. It's time for a race."

I told the driver, he nodded. I smiled, getting off the car. I ran after them, still firing some more bullets.

🕷️🕷️ Liliana 🕷️🕷️🕷️

It was a hell in the hot hell, it's not time to give up on the run. I was scared, frightened and all.

We were at the end of the bridge. She was leading the way as she held me firmly while running.

That didn't stop the bad lady from chasing after us, she did never give up.

Did she? We took the left turn, we landed in a crowdy noisy amusement park. I admired her, certainly we could use this as our escape.

We went in the midst of the crowd in a hurry. I looked back to see if we still had the bad lady chasing. She was, but we were a bit far from her reach.

If we made it alive, I be glad to leave the city. Never argue with Dad about visiting Cape Town. Spending the summer holidays there.


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