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Inner Demons(1)

"If you don't explain yourself. I'm Bringing this place down along with you." Hollered Eric, both fear and confusion captivating his young mind.

Spinning a well dried out human skull on her forefinger, the strange lady spoke at a tone too low to hear properly. "I see rage has overcome the Electus' point of judgment."

Eric could hear one word out of the sentence, so with his tone lowering he asked. "How do you know I'm the Electus?"

Sure of herself, the odd lady cited. "Son I can see your veins from a mile away, such a valuable Experiment indeed grabbed my attention."

With a holler, Woldemir demanded. "Don't call my son an Experiment."

Crushing the skull she was spinning above her finger, her tone arose as she weighed in. "I see where he gets his rage from. Electus, I thought Fire has consumed your brain already, but you seem sane. How does it feel handling such power?"

"How could fire consume my mind?" Asked Mogranius this time, it's not like he wanted to make things all about him but she is talking about Fire Blasters after all.

Taking a few offences now, although off topic. The lady demanded, "Put that Shield down. If I wanted to fight I would have come to the surface and end you long ago. I'm here to warn you of great approaching threat."

Patriotic at best but, Woldemir cut her word short with a clear statement. "What can be a bigger threat than the illustratios? They are a plague to this land."

Her tone deep, intent pureish and her patience growing thinner, she detailed. "The illustratios are nothing but ants compared to the dangers as big as a Titanoboa. I hope Betzy didn't cause you trouble by the way. She is a sweetheart but she doesn't like to be woken up from her bap."

"Okay, you're a psychopath. Will you at least tell us about this upcoming threat?" Demanded Stefan bravely, hiding behind Commander Alia.

Taking this from the very key point, she confided. "I'm certain all of you are aware of the 8 Sources of Magic. The Sources indeed gave abnormal abilities to humans, but it ain't Magic. It's just pure natural powers coming from your own body."

Giving a bit of a shocker, although the Gang already knew a bit of this. The lady stated, "To put it in detail, 8 out of the 13 Continents are powered by the first Demons that managed to get here."

Shocked, unwilling to believe that the illustratios were right. Mogranius can only disagree with a high pitched holler. "So the Source I've been worshipping ever since birth, are Demons? Bullshit, you're just nuts."

Not liking how her past friends are being slandered by name, the lady bashed her point of view against these Humans. "These Demons are one of the smartest, they are of my kind but more powerful. They chose to merge with Continents so people don't die, they could have abandoned your kind."

"Alright this is getting very confusing, this is worse than understanding teleportation."

Murmured Alia while massaging the left side of her head.

Noticing her talk, the lady on the throne asked. "A Kastarian, beautiful experiment. How did you survive the great collapse?"

Staggered, Alia jerked her eyebrows up, her mouth left at a gap. Asking, "You know about that?"

"indeed!" Answered the odd lady shortly.

Noticing how this undoubtedly crazy lady is too well informed, Alia decided to ask a question that has been puzzling her for 200 years. "How did Kastaria just vanish like that?"

Remembering the main point, the obviously demonic lady stated. "That's why I called you here, great threat approaches. You think that a 15 foot hole just appeared overnight? Betzy broke to the surface."

"I officially have a phobia towards any snake now!" Added Stefan, looking back hoping that Betzy won't appear out of thin air.

Sticking to the main point, the Demon lady explained. "When we flew to your planet with a mission to turn this world into another version of our peaceful hell, we saw the constant conflict on your planet thanks to the technology we have on our own."

And had the urge to add in order to clear her kind's own name. "When we arrived here, we had a mission to turn the entire human race into modified Demons. Specifically, Peaceful intelligent Demons."

"Peaceful Demons, that's something you don't hear everyday." Added Mogranius, willing to joke even at such a time and place.

Prepared for such a joke, she added. "As odd as it sounds, it was an aim. But we did figure out that there is no way to turn the people here into peaceful beings."

Speaking before anyone else cracks a stupid joke, she expounded. "We figured that out after hundreds of experiments sadly, such a waste of time although fun. We kidnapped people and made them drink blood from the 8 other Demons, you now know those Demons as the Sources today."

Although harsh, the Electus had to add. "You're making absolutely no sense."

Unwilling to apologize for their cumulative stupidity, the Demon lady continued her narration. "We didn't know that drinking Demon blood gives the human consumes, powers. It didn't turn the people in to Demons but gave them powers instead along with consequences."

Concerned for the young boy, as he could be carrying 8 problems at once. Commander Alia asked with a shout, "Consequences like?"

Horribly accurate and well informed, the lady laid down a bundle of facts. "Every human being that gained power, had an Inner Demon to beat and it hasn't changed a bit even now 16,000 years later. Those Inner Demons will constantly try to consume your mind based on what the powers come with."

"So you mean every Inner Demon is different based on the power?" Stated Stefan the harsh fact, being the only one able to fully catch up.

The lady stood up, even though being tremendously old, her black skin adds complexion to her beauty and she can easily walk on her own 2 feet.

Her purely white hair add tremendous beauty, as they seem extraordinarily well cared for.

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