Electus 2

Demon war

After everyone gave Mogranius a warm welcome, King Michael reminded them that they can call his castle their home and led them towards it as dusk diminished over the horizon.

The Castle being a place strongly private, it is perfect for discussing the war against demons.

But before making this short portion of the journey, a fisherman approached Mogranius with that special spear this fire blaster had 246 years ago and gently handed it to him.

There is no way to use this rust encrusted, bent and extremely old spear now. But everytime Mogranius would glance at it, this beauty would set a firm reminder of his father.

Be it either hung on the wall or stashed in an inventory crate in his home here in Gaster Kingdom, this spear will stand as a grand loved piece of metalwork.


A while later as they entered the dining room in the castle, they were served some tea first by the kind oldish maid ladies who yes, work for fish.

Tea isn't something hard to obtain even though considering their financial income is flat. There was a forest near them, same one of which occupied 60% of the continent where the eternal snow doesn't touch.

Breaking the silence was Mogranius, came straight to the point without wasting a precious second. "I'm aware all of you are confused, hey I would be too. But let me start from the beginning."

"If you don't take me with you next time, I'll cut your pinky off." Expressed Alia in a rough tone as she gently rubbed her face on his upper arm.

She missed this crazy old man too much and was extremely happy that he was well and alive, that even a leach wouldn't be able to compete with her in this case.

"I will drag all of you to my adventures don't worry." Mogranius assured, wanting to sync in topic already.

"Tell me how it went once you go." Added Stefan, making it clear that he doesn't want to be anywhere around demons or danger for that matter.

The last Demon they met gave him a bit of a phobia even though she didn't technically hurt them nor scold, which rather proves that lady's weight in a conversation.

Wanting to crack a joke about Stefan's lack of bravery but not wanting to go off topic, the old fire blaster broke the conversation in. "My father who I thought died 246 years ago, was somehow called down by the source of fire herself."

"Why would the source call him down there?" Eric questioned, trying to figure out if this old man drank a bit too much water.

Not quite sure how to put this into word, Mogranius let silence stretch a few seconds before he continued. "To protect it of course! Demons were flocking her area, trying to rip the demonite off her head, so extra protection was needed."

Adding the most bizarre part yet, Mogranius reassured. "The source somehow increased my father's life span, he is still alive!"

"Is your entire family involved in these crazy things?" Stefan questioned, indirectly quoting teleportation in his sentence.

Putting sarcasm aside once more, Mogranius whole heartedly answered. "Hmmm... I haven't seen my uncle in a while, he is either dead or in some demonic realm, you can never know."

"But I still don't understand how your father, an Ignite, can live so long..." King Michael added, weighing in what most seem to side track.

Not quite understanding it himself yet, Mogranius answered. "I'd say the source made it possible, he had to beat 3 inner demons, so that could have done it somehow."

Slightly feeling opposed, Eric jumped in the conversation with a question. "How could he get 3 inner demons to beat, is he an Electus?"

Developing a headache just by trying to figure it out, Mogranius just answered. "He isn't an Electus, but ate demon meat, that crazy combination must have hand in it."

Weighing in another theory, Michael cited. "Being around demonite probably did it too."

Side tracked once more although this time liking it, Mogranius specified. "Oh, about that. The story of the sources was exactly how that demon lady told us, I think we offended the most powerful demon on earth that day."

"So that crazy demon wasn't bluffing? She can invade all of Ignis." Added Woldemir who seemed to have remembered that sentence instead of remembering the boat load of information she gave them about the inner demons.

"Oh she can destroy earth if she pleased, it's a surprise how she didn't feed us to her titanoboa." Expressed Mogranius and witnessed Stefan getting shivers because of mentioning that large snake.

"You actually saw a titanoboa? They are on the edge of extinction! I've been studying them for years and only saw 2 through thousands of hours of hiking!" Explained King Michael in enthusiasm, even his eyes expanded as he heard that name.

"Yes and I hope we don't see one again, I was eye to eye with the beast." Deciphered Woldemir in a cold low tone. But although that situation was terrifying, he didn't get a phobia or a trauma from the experience, unlike Stefan.

Pushing everyone back into the important topic, Mogranius clapped his hands for attention. "Getting back to the point people."

And afterwards took the liberty to continue. "The demons are managing to teleport into our world, but going from one dimension to another is technology that a civilization as advanced as them took ages to gain. They are teleporting here naked, killable, weaponless and even powerless. They have magical powers too like the mother of all demons pointed out, but here they don't."

"Meaning we have bigger chances to fight them. You hear that Eric?" Slightly yelled Alia, enthusiasm breaching the war talk, rather adorable to see.

Finally describing why he told them all of this, the old fire blaster cited. "Yes we have chances to beat the demons but we need superior knowledge, someone who has studied them for a long time."

"That someone is King Michael. Isn't it?" Asked Stefan, trying to prove his theory correct.

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