Quickly noticing that they got played by the Grand Master, they pull back their Weapons and scoped around to look for Woldemir.

Acknowledging where he is, they yelled out a few ideas between each other and then started charging towards him once more.

Running again like a wall towards him, taking a slightly different approach this time compared to the very first.

They spread out in three directions, making defense a hassle difficult for Woldemir to tackle. The main move is to overwhelm the Grand Master and eventually land a blow.

Joining the audience is Mogranius who apparently was enjoying the battle quite a lot.

Having the human decency to hoot, "Cut their heads off!"

"It's a horrible time to mention this but we forgot all about the book of Teleportation." Mouthed Eric grabbing Mogranius' attention away from the glorious battle.

Although not wanting to alure his eyes away from the battle, such a question is worth the sacrifice. "The Source of Teleportation has died out, pointless to look for the book really."

As soon as Mogranius finished the sentence, their attention was immediately grabbed by Woldemir who seemed to already have either knocked out or disarmed two out of three of the remaining attackers.

And is left with the last Attacker standing, which is a female.

A much loved Sword to Sword combat broke out instead of a Sword to duck and cover one. Of which covered about 75% of this 5 versus 1 fight.

Their Swords are swinging left and right, up and down, one combat move after another but neither of them seem to land a finishing blow.  

This female opponent is about eight feet tall and outstandingly beautiful.

Insanely physically fit but doesn't seem to be too slim as well, she has a big and mildly muscular figure.

There are attractive features on her body which were hard to ignore, such as her abnormally large and fit chest.

And the lava like veins running down her body make her more and more stunning in some perspectives.

Her gold and black hair even though tied up to a bun, give out a tremendous scene.

This is why Woldemir didn't win yet. For the first time in fifteen years he got attracted to a woman again. 

Partly because of her outstanding beauty and mostly because of her fighting skills.

He didn't even manage to land a blow yet, with deconcentration to blame mainly.

"Do you see what's happening there?" Alia asked Mogranius since he technically knows the Grand Master more than her.

Alia sniffs out cases like this with ease, she knows something is going on.

The Swords aren't the only things causing sparks, no.

Eric managed to hear what she asked, so he has to point something out. "Yes. Either that Woman is blessed or my father is sparing her for the fight to last longer..."

The moment he was about to finish his last sentence, which would define what's happening here. Both the Women and Woldemir got disarmed.

Their final blow was so harsh that it forced Woldemir Sword two slip off his hands, setting it at flight.

He also cut clean through the lady's Sword a split second before being forced to lose grip of his own.

Flying all the way towards the Training Area's exit where Stefan is just happening to walk in, not knowing that a fight is in session.

Lucky for Stefan, his height came to his advantage for once as the Sword flew half a foot above his head and nailed itself on the walkway.

"I swear that all of you are up to get me." Yelled Stefan as a cold sweat broke from his forehead.

He is glad of escaping with no casualties, but that was dangerously close. A few inches more and he would be nailed to the ground along with the Iron work.

"Relax. Your head is still in place." Added Mogranius rather calmly, the Geezer faced a Source Bear and didn't panic this much. 

The lady that fought Woldemir bent the knee right after in her own tradition and pose, showing the utmost respect for Grand Master Woldemir and his skills.

Not wanting anyone to feel low enough to bend their knee to him, Woldemir reached out his hand aiming to make her stand up. "You are one of the best Fighters I met in a long time. What is your name?"

Refusing to grab his hand, she stood up by herself and was looking at Commander Alia, giving her that, "Please come here and translate." look.

Alia quickly walked near them and explained what Woldemir just said. 

Which made the Women give a blank half smile and say, "Fi Isabel."

"I suppose you can understand that part. This is Isabel." Butchered Alia, a little smile is growing on her face because she [Alia] knows what's going on here.

Isabel doesn't look like she wants to cooperate though, keeping her distance both physically and throughout conversation. 

Woldemir quickly sunk into sadness but he isn't showing it to not ruin this nice positive mood. 

That name reminded him of his wife Isabel who was burned alive by the illustratio, specifically Eric's mother. Woldemir still secretly blames himself for not being able to save his lady.

But for now, he's just aiming to show admiration to the living Isabel's skills. "Nice to meet you Isabel. Judging from those moves you are already an Expert at Wielding a Sword?"

Completely zoning out off topic, Alia cited. "Coincidentally, she wasn't from our town before. She somehow roamed Ignis alone for a few years and came here at the end. But for some reason she refuses to reveal her age or past for that matter too."

"Her past is her past and we should not pressure her about it or to explain herself." Wise words, befitting a Grand Master but he just wants to push away this topic and force in another.

"However, taking her to fight with us for Gaster Kingdom can be a great advantage. You told me that Eric requested one of the greatest instead of ten." At this point he isn't doing this for any personal advantage, this is worth pointing out.

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