Fantasizing My Boss


Hey speak?! 

I am still at the office with him, yeah I am Speechless 

I am Gonna go out now my hands are seriously freezing I can't even move a Muscle while opening the door, aren't you gonna go out? He stated while putting his feet at the table well a no mannered guy you did this to me?! 

Can I get one of your candies? Yeah I spoke really with stupidity today what's wrong with me, hey are you free tonight? Free? Well I tell you free when this Hand flew at your face?! Yeah, I don't have have anything to do why did you say that why 

Why did you say that? Stacy you have One Job!

Let's eat outside, sure 

God dang it can I please slap my self? 

Miss starry

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Edited: 18.10.2020

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