Merlin's Forgotten Tale: Book 1

Girls Night Out


(Gwen's POV)


Scurrying down the hallway, arms laden down with my ladys breakfast, I felt my cheeks burning a brilliant shade of red as the whispers from the passing servants surrounded me. It had only been 5 days since I was released from the dungeons and all charges dropped. Yet even though my innocence had been confirmed quite a few of my once friends were terrified to even go near me. One girl had even burst into tears when she accidentally dropped a pitcher of water on me. She was convinced I was going to turn her into a toad for it. 

Not to mention the guards. More than once I have noticed them following me. Watching me from around corners. Regarding me with suspicion as if I was hoing to suddenly turn around and hex everyone. With this kind of bad rep I might as well be a sorceress.  For a while there I was convinced I would lose my job. As even Uther has been wary around me. Its only thanks to a raging Morgana that my job wasn’t taken from me. Sometimes I wonder if it would have been better if my innocence had been proven after I had been executed. At least than I wouldn't have to put up with all this bad blood. 

Sighing sadly I carefully push open the door leading to my ladys chambers. Closing it carefully behind me as I set down her tray of food, and go to open the curtains. 

"Good morning my lady. Its a beautiful day today. Are you ready for breakfast. " I softly greet trying not to startle her as the sunlight gently coaxes her to wakefulness. Yawning and blinking blearily around her she smiles as her gaze finally settles on me. Pushing herself into a sitting postion as I go about my cleaning, laying out her favroite sapphire dress for her to wear.

"Gwen how are you?" She cheerfully greets climbing out of bed and moving behind her screen to change. 

"I'm alright my lady." I anwser deciding not to mention the guard that had purposefully tripped me pushing my face into the cement with his boot. Spiliting my lip and giving me a black eye on my way up. Causing me to have to get a replacement tray from a very unimpressed cook. I winced just thinking about it. Unconsciously rubbing my wrists where the cook's punishment stick slapped me for dropping her food. She thankfully was in a good mood otherwise that stick would have been a whip on my back end. 

"Bullocks. I know for a fact that's not true. I have seen how the other servants still treat you." She stated stepping out from behind her screen and sitting down at her table to eat. Moving behind her with a brush I gently began combing out her tangles and braiding her midnight black hair. 

"Its really not that bad. Nothing I can't handle." She turned at that pausing my brushing as she looked me over more carefully.

"Oh and I suppose that split lip and black eye is nothing than?" She gently cradled my face her her left hand. Tenderly running her thumb across my throbing lip. Causing it to begin bleeding a little. She had such a sad look on her face that I found myself turning away for fear that I might start crying. I could already feel the tears beginning to well up in my eyes. Quickly wiping my sleeve across my eye. I erased any trace of tears. Not wanting to give her any reason to worry. I had done enough of that already. 

"Its nothing my lady. I...I just tripped is all." I stammered glancing cautiously back at her. By her raised eyebrow I could tell she really didn't believe me, but she thankfully dropped the subject.

"You know what. Clear my schedule for the day. I feel like a girls night." She declared leaping up from her chair and heading for her closet and pulling out a purple cloak. 

"A girls night my lady?" 

"Yes Gwen, and we will get Merlin involved as well. Though we will probably have to kidnap her to convince her to come. That girl works way to hard for someone thats only 16."  She hummed thoughtfully. 

"But my lady your supposed to be going for a ride with the king today." 

"Cancel it than. He should have thought of that before trying to fire you behind my back yesterday.  I swear if Merlin hadn't come to me when she did I would no doubt have some bootlicker right about now." She huffed marching from the room with me on her heels. 

"But my lady..."

"Oh come now Gwen you can't tell me you haven't been wanting to get out of the castle the past few days too?" I bit my lip at that. I have been dying to escape and get away from all these bullies. Maybe a girls night wouldn't be so bad. I could see the moment Morgana realized she had me. For her smile grew 10 times in a matter of seconds.

"Excellent. Now lets go kidnap us a Merlin."


"So tell me again why you dragged me out here when I should be serving the prat?" I could only shrug as I smiled softly at my friend. 

"Morgana decided we needed a girls night out away from all the... well you know." I sighed following Morgana through the lower town. Merlin hot on my heels. 

"Hmm fine by me I guess. I'm sure the prat can handle one day without me." She laughed shrugging. Her legendary grin shining on her face. 

"Hey guys come look at this!" Morgana called from a boutique booth. Hurrying to catch up we peeked over her shoulder at a beautiful pale pink A line dress with simple white trimming, and a little white and pink apron over top of it. 

"Oh it is lovely." I gasped admiring it. Glancing at the evil smirk on my ladys face I couldn't help but smirk myself already knowing exactly where her thoughts were going. Paying for the dress Morgana quickly turned and snatched Merlins wrist with me grabbing her other wrist. Merlin must have realized what we were doing for she immediately began to struggle. Desperately trying to break free as we dragged her into a tavern bathroom. 

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