Miss Assistant


I stare at him open mouthed.


"Like seriously?" He raises an eyebrow.


"Yeah." He says, and looks at me pointedly, as if to say "Well, duh."


"Well then no." I say. His mouth drops open. He laughs, and then looks at me. He stops laughing.


"Wait... You just declined my offer." He says, as of it sounds foreign to him. Like he doesn't quite understand.


"Yeah." I smile. Nice one Alex.


"Wait... You're serious?" He looks taken aback, and the signature smirk which lines his features is replaced by a look of complete surprise. It is quite amusing, actually. He can't quite believe it can He?


"Yup." I smile, innocently.


"Well, it's getting super late, and I have my kid, so I better get going." I smile, and Dylan still looks at me puzzled, as if he can't quite place his finger on what he is feeling, or what I am thinking for that matter. That's a good thing. I'm a mystery to him. I wonder how often that happens to him. 


I walk out, and pack away my things. I pick Teddy up and we head to the parking lot. When I get there, Dylan is leaning on my door. He opens the door for me to put Teddy inside and I buckle him up.


"Why?" He asks simply.


"Why what?" I play dumb and close the passenger door. Dylan shakes his head. "Are you still going on that you have been turned down? Here's why Dylan. It's quite simple. I don't date players. You need to stop dating multiple girls at one time," he tries to interrupt me, but I hold up a hand, and it silences him, "And not dump them so quickly, and then, and only then I might think about going out with you. Why should I go out with a guy who will drop me as soon as he wins me over? That's not worth it! It takes two to ply tag Dylan!" I smirk and hop into the car and drive away. That's not the main reason. I can't face the main reason. As soon as I do, I know I'm not going to make it. How can I focus on dating someone, when I have guardianship of a son whose parents, my sister, are dead? The thought already causes tears to build up in my eyes. I shake my head as I drive away. I don't see how I still have tears left to cry. I feel like I have used my lifetime supply. How can I carry on?


"He LOVES you Mommy!" Teddy shouts, interrupting me from my thoughts. I force the tears away, and look in the review mirror.


"You think so?" I ask, trying to smile at him in the review mirror. Seeing the little body in the backseat, makes me smile. I love this child so much.


"I know so!" He jumps excitedly in the backseat. I laugh.


"Should we put on some music?" I ask. Teddy nods eagerly. I put on a song, and surprisingly, the little pooh knows the whole song, off by heart. I laugh and roll my eyes.


"What's for supper tonight?" Teddy asks, stopping his singing.


"I'm thinking, hamburgers?" I ask. Teddy squeals.


"Yay!" He smiles and hugs his wolf.




My phone rings later on in the evening. Teddy is fast asleep in his room. I check up on him several times. I'm doing fine I guess. I stare at the caller ID. It's Dylan. Again. I sigh and answer it.


"Yeah?" I say.


"I'll make you a deal." He says.


"Really?" I ask sarcastically.


"Come on!" He pleads.


"You are still on about this? Cant you take no for an answer?" I try to sound exasperated. "Ag, whatever. I'll hear you out." I roll my eyes. I can't do this.


"Let's make a bet. If you win, that means that you don't have to go on a date with me, but if I win, you do."


"Nah ah! That's not fair! I want something more with my while. Let's see..." I mock. He laughs.


"What about, a trip to the Bahamas?" He suggests.


"What, with you?" I ask, and there is silence on the other end of the phone. So there's my answer.


"Yeah." He says in a duh tone.


"No way! That's like a prolonged date!" I protest. I can't do this.


"Fine, how about, I pay off your student loan?" He suggests. I was about to decline, but I suddenly stop myself. No debt.


"No. I can't ask you to do that. Plus I'm an independent woman!" He laughs.


"Actually, it's not even going to make a dent in my bank account. Alex, I'm a billionaire. So, that's the bet. You win, I pay off your student loan. I win, you go on a date with me." He says. I can imagine him with a smug look on his face. I do need the money. It might take my mind off Tabitha. If I do this bet, it gives me something else to think about, other than her.


"Okay, So what's the bet then?" I ask.


"I will stop my player ways for a week." He says. I raise an eyebrow.


"No way! Two. One is too easy."


"Fine. And you, Alex, have to go skydiving."


"Seriously?" I ask.


"Yeah." Should I tell him? It would be fair then. I actually need a challenge if I want to get my mind off things.


"Done it. Twice." I reply smugly. Silence.


"Fine. You to wear a dress and high heels to work everyday for two weeks. You haven't ever worn a dress or high heels right? You are way too tomboyish to do that." I can feel him smirking. If I can do it, that means that I get my student loan paid off. I will be free then.


"Deal." I say, but cringe. I can't remember the last time I wore a dress and heels. To high school prom, I wore this dress which has pants underneath it, and then fabric all around so that it looked like a dress. I was a genius in grade 12. Seriously. As for shoes, well, let's just say I had a favourite pair of sneakers which I felt had to join in on the fun. No one even knew.


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