III. Complications

Skylar’s POV:

A rock hit my forehead. “Get out of here ugly!” one of the kids shouted, and the rest surrounded me.

“Ugly! Ugly! Skylar is so ugly!” they all shouted, pointing their fingers at me, taunting laugh escaping their throats.

One of the kids came up to me, “My mommy said you’re a bad girl,” she kicked me in the stomach.

I shook my head, holding onto my bruising stomach. “I’m not a bad girl,” I mumbled, fighting the tears in my eyes as I stood up.

A boy came up and pushed me to the ground, causing me to fall, scraping my elbow. “You’re disgusting!”

I sat up, feeling water dripping down my cheeks. “Evan!” A woman shouted coming up to him, sending me a glare “I told you not to touch something so -” she looked at me with disgust then shook her head, dragging him away.

Soon, the other kids disappeared one by one, as I sat there. I stood up, patting the dirt off my body, and walked towards the stream of water.

I tripped on the ground, hitting my head on the dirt. My eyes lurked up to see one of the other kid’s legs extended. “Witch,” he mumbled under his breath then skipped happily toward his parents.

My eyes lurked up to see the adults in front of me who ignored what had happened. I stood up, holding onto my bleeding forehead, limping towards the water, feeling the blood drizzling down my knees.

Throwing my backpack to the ground, I jumped into the stream that leads to the outside, the ocean, swimming towards my secret location. Everyone inside the kingdom is required to turn in requests to enter or exit the place, but when I was younger, I found a secret passage to leave without consent. I guess when you spend so much time alone, you get to see or find a lot of things in the world.

I curled myself into a ball, laying there, quietly, eyes staring at the massive kingdom hidden inside the bubble, “Why does everyone hate me?” I mumbled, not understanding what I did wrong. “I want to be normal. I want my family to hug me. I want friends to laugh and have fun. I want others to look at me without hate.”

I laid there inside the cave the whole night, alone.


My eyes burst open, seeing the wind chime dinging on the ceiling. I feel the panic begins like a cluster of spark plugs in my abdomen. Tension grew in my face and limbs, mind replaying the memories. My breathing became more rapid, more shallow. Sitting up, I ran my shaky fingers through my curly brown hair, feeling the tears dripping down. “That’s the past Skylar, you’re not alone anymore,” I told myself, wrapping my arms around my legs

“Sky, you got mail from a special someone!” Sebastian shouts from downstairs.

“Coming!” I reply, slowly creaking the door open. I ran to the bathroom to ensure Sebastian didn’t catch me. Turning on the faucet, I splash the water on my face, wiping it clean.

Looking into the mirror, I plant a smile on my face and shake off all the odd feelings. “Smile Sky, today is another happy day. You’re not alone anymore.” I told myself and skipped downstairs.

When I saw a brown envelope, I knew exactly who it was from. “Give me!” I squeal, snatching the mail from Sebastian’s hand, and tearing it open.

Hello, Little Mermaid from Japan!

This is Tinkerbell from South America! How is my favorite Mermaid?!

I got your snacks! Thank you, Sky! It was yummy! Here is a little something I made for both you and Sebastian!

I miss you so much, Sky!

Oh, tell Sebastian I kind of miss him too.

Visit us soon!

Remember, we always have an option when it comes to love!


Alexia and Danto

I shake the envelope, and a pair of homemade bracelets fall out. One was black, and the other was white. Sebastian places out his wrist, knowing it belongs to him, and I can tell there was a smile on his lips, even when he is hiding it behind his mug.

Stupid head.

I met Alexia when I went to Full Moon with Sebastian to stop this random war from happening and to pick up Sebastian’s son a few years back. Alexia and I became best friends. We were attached to the hips, and I remember crying with her for hours when we had to separate.

So, Danto, Alexia’s husband, told us we could be penpals. It’s weird how Alexia looks like my age, but she is married already! How wild is that! Sebastion told me Alexia is older than me, older than him. She is a Royal Fairy, so their aging system is different. I zoned out when I smelled cookies.

Over the past years, we would always send mails and stuff to each other, keeping updates on what had happened in our lives.

Alexia is the only person who knows about my feelings for Sebastian. There is something special about Alexia, something that makes me trust her. She is always there for me, urging me to spill my feelings to Sebastian, saying she will always root for us.

Even when I don’t root for us.

“Sebby!” I shout.

“What?” He replies, standing right in front of me.

“Alexia said she kind of misses you,” I told him, causing him to snort. “And she made us bracelets!” I squeal circling to the other side, shoving the black one up his wrist and placing the white one on mine.

“Look! Isn’t it cute!” I said, causing him to chuckle, then skip upstairs.

“Oh yeah,” I caught his attention away from the bracelet. “I have a date this weekend,” I said quickly then dash upstairs before he can reply, “Don’t shoot my potential lover toe again!” I shout, slamming the door shut.

Quickly, I changed into my school outfit and flung the door open to see Sebastian standing there, arms crossed over his chest as he glared deadly at me. “Good morning!” I chirp, twirling past him only to have him grab me by the ponytail.

Quinn Catcher

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