The Mice in the Kitchen

Chapter 33

Despite her bewilderment, Flora reacted with a certain amount of surprise when Herta grabbed her wrist upon leaving the palace.

‘We must go,’ she whispered.

Flora followed her willingly. Herta and Adalberht were the only people she could stand being with... she wanted to be with.


Suddenly, she opened her eyes and found herself in a cart driven by Adalberht. Herta was asleep resting upon his shoulder.

She knew that if she made a small effort, she would remember how they had got there. Maybe later. For the present, she'd rather stay in that bubble, in that sea of hot, salty, insulating water in which she had been swimming (probably voluntarily) for a few days. Since that day.

Since then, she was aware that they had walked, slept on the ground, in a cave perhaps. She knew that her friends had explained something about being discovered using magic, about Detlef having been seen when...

Detlef. The moment his name had been pronounced she had refused to listen to any further explanations. Someday, soon, she would ask Adalberht and Herta to tell her again why they had been forced to run away from the palace that day. What had happened with the peasants' uprising...

Someday she would want to know. That and, probably, a lot of other things. Someday, she would explain a lot of things to them too. But not today.

Not today.

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