The Vampire Awakening | The Beginning


Nicolai threw Scarletts body on to the floor of the entrance hall, just as aleczander came walking in her lifeless body landing at his feet "so you finally found her then" he said bemused.

"yeah, luckily I managed to get to her before she got to lay a finger on Madeline, not that she would of anyway" he looked at his hand that was still stinging.

"Why? What's happened now" Aleczander asked.

"I don't know, when I touched her it hurt, the same I suspect what caused scarlett to scream when she grabbed  her" his hand was still blistered and red.

"you think it could be magic?" Aleczander nudged Scarletts body with his foot making sure she was definitely dead her head lolled to the side.

"I don't think madeline belives in any of that, but I'm not taking my chances I need to talk to her before she starts telling everybody what she saw"

"the question is what did she see?"

"We'll soon find out, help me take her to the mayor's house"

"it's a clean suit" Aleczander rolled his eyes.

Madeline awoke to noise downstairs, throwing on her night gown on and crept to the top of the stairs, she could hear Nicolai, Aleczander and her father talking at the bottom, she crept down a couple of steps and sat quietly listening to there mumbled conversation.

"where did you catch it" she heard her father say.

"in the woods just now, we brought her straight here to give you peace of mind"

Madeline frowned why is he lying?!

"come through to my office, we'll talk about payment"

"You and aleczander sort it, I'm going to keep a close eye on the body" Madeline saw his eyes flick through the Bannister, she held her breath and quietly darted back to her room

Harry shuddered "yes, very well" as soon as the office door shut Nicolai dashed after leaving nothing but a gentle woosh sound and the curtain gently blowing still.

"Madeline can we talk" He pleaded as he reached the door before she did.

"w-what are you?" she Stammered

"I can explain, just please here me out"

She pushed open her bedroom and and held her arm out prompting for him to go in.

"You've got 5 minutes before I scream this place down" she turned folding her arms when she felt she had reached a safe enough distance.

"I would never hurt you" his hand reached out to touch her face, she flinched and took a step back.

"So you are?"

"You can say it Madeline" he urged looking at her softly.

"I want to hear you say it" she frowned.

"Madeline, I!"

"And That Woman from last night, who is she an old flame" she said not even caring that she sounded jealous.

"I just need you to know, no matter what happens, I really love you Madeline"

"And I did you too, well I thought I did, I mean your a monster" the word hit Nicolai like a metal pole to the stomach.

He straightened his shoulders, "very well, than we shall call it a day, as Of tonight I will stay out of your life"

"good" she spat in anger, how dare he put her life in danger, Nicolai turned to the door.

"I thought you were different madeline, I thought I had finally found somebody who saw me for who I am rather than what I am".

"Nicolai, I.." the door shut, leaving madeline feeling disheartened, the last thing she wanted to do was hurt him, but how would the two of them ever work, he was a blood sucking monster and she was... Well she was just madeline.


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