Unending, Undying, Unfailing

her unsent letters to uno ll

trust me, happiness came the moment i unstitched the infinity i weaved at the edge of our fingertips. trust me, meteors started to appear on my smile for i forsaken the fragments of that summer where your lips formed to utter the most precious lie i cherished over a thousand of sunsets—'i love you'. trust me, i can listen to any love songs without daydreaming of our 'almost', i can now sleep at night without chanting your name like a prayer. trust me, for i witness how beers and saltwaters washed the poetries i wrote for you in my skin. trust me, for i saw a hundred of shooting stars without wishing "i hope he still feel the same".

silly heart.

i told you to trust me, but (please) don't.


Mia Bela

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Edited: 16.10.2020

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