What Went Missing!!!


Mike took the car and drove towards them and all the way, though it's not long at all, but he didn't stop thinking about the first days of knowing Nicole, he remembered the first time he met her father, his father took him to welcome the new doctor in town , Mike's father was a great man too , what can I say? like father like son, Nicole didn't get out of her room the whole visit but this didn't stop them from making it all about her, he still remembers everything like it was just yesterday, he entered the house and he sat on the sofa, that same sofa he had slept on it few days earlier, Dr.Pilson brought coffee to Mike's father and some hot coco to Mike and they all sat together "So how you find our town Dr.Pilson?" Mike's father said.

"Please just call me Jack, actually it's great, quite and nice"

"I want to tell you that we're so lucky to have a neurosurgeon as a neighbor"

"Thanks a lot" He smiled.

"And where's Mrs.Pilson anyway, I can't see her" Dr.Pilson or Jack whatever looked sad and said in sorrow. "Actually Rachel passed away last year, that's why we moved in here for Nicole's sake after her mother's incidence, Nicole changed completely, she was a very happy and sweet child but it's as if she became someone else" He took his breath for a moment and a sip from his coffee then continued "I tried to reach her many times but nothing I took her to a shrink she remained silent with him in every session, he was the one who convinced me we should go somewhere else but I couldn't leave my job so I only moved to a nearby town, yours"

"Well I'm really sorry to hear but I'm sure it'll take some time, kids adapt easily"

"We're not kids" Mike thought to himself Mike stayed quite looking at the stairs waiting for that mysterious girl to come down but she didn't , he felt he was so attached to her, didn't know why but just did. "So Nicole is outside?"Mike asked. "No actually she's staying in her room as always..I tried to convince her to come but she didn't want to"

"It's ok" Mike's father said "don't push on her, I'm sure sooner than you think she'll adapt and make friends"

"I really hope so" He said in disappointment tone.

"Don't worry plus we have an inside spy" He joked and pointed at Mike

"Yeah sure" Jack smiled and looked at Mike and said "I'm counting on you then to take care of her" He said jokingly.

Mike smiled out of politeness "I haven't gone to school for few days but sure as soon as I do"

They remained a while talking, seemed like Mike's father wanted to make good friends with Jack, anyway, after they left Mike came again at the evening by his bike, he looked at her window and saw her sitting looking so sad but not crying but her eyes were in deep grief, he grabbed a small rock and hit her window which frightened her at first but then she saw him and opened her window the first thing he said to her "So killed any vampires yet?" He yelled.

She smiled at him and said "No but I hope I do one day"

"Tell you what why don't you come and we go haunt them together?" She smiled again after she was looking sad, Mike had always been good at that, turning her sad eyes into smiling ones with the little effort possible.

"No thanks next time" true Nicole felt good about Mike but she had always trust issues so she couldn't trust him that easily though she wanted to go with him so bad.

"Fine next time then" Mike said smiling to her but he felt disappointed because he wanted to know her more and of course by that time he didn't know that they would be best friends.

Nicole Bristow 101

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