Xena Castello

chapter 2 part 3

The brothel was not what she'd imagined it to be. It was a lot more organized and spaced out, beautiful women walked around, some in lingeries while others in normal clothing, there were some ladies seated behind some desks right across the door, Xena assumed she was the receptionist, Madam Ophelia forgot about Xena for a second as she watched over the worker and cleaners. A few minutes passed by then she turned to Xena "the show is about to begin, so let's go to the check it out" Xena nodded and followed her, once they reached the door Madam Ophelia smirked at Xena's reaction. Xena was amazed, the place was packed with men and women, apart from it being packed it was organized, the stage was wide and shaped  in a love shape and with colourful lights at the edges, the height was long enough to stop at a persons mid chest , there were chairs a few feets away and the space between the chairs and the stage was wide enough for the people to walk around and stand, there were 5 bouncers at each side of the stage. The place was colourful and bright, the music was loud and the atmosphere was incredible, Xena was breathless. There was a girl on the stage with a pole, she twirled and danced to the beat, she was beautiful and her long blond curls bounced with her movements, needless to say she owned the stage, just then Xena noticed the people around the stage had their hands behind their backs and they were hand cuffed, she looked at Madam Ophelia with confusion , Madam Ophelia instantly understood " it is just precaution, so that they don't grab any performer or try to climb, also the BDSM fans love it  when she brings out the whips,so why not" she said shrugging, Xena nodded and continued to observe her surrounding " that's the VIP area" she heard Madam Ophelia say pointing up with her long bony fingers, Xena looked up and saw the balcony, it was certainly at a good height, enough for those there to see a great view of what was below, she noticed some men seated, they all wore expensive clothes and were talking amongst themselves as they watched the girl on stage. She turned to look at the girl, her dance moves were fast which made it hard for her to see her face " that is Jewel" Madam Ophelia said as she stared at the girl on stage besides Xena "she's good" Xena said nodding in agreement. Once the dance was over Madam Ophelia turned to her "I've got some work to do now, but first I'll take you up to the dressing room and find you someone who will give you a short tour,let's go" she said and not waiting for a response she walked off, Xena sighed and followed her closely. Once they entered the Dressing room Xena noticed there were lots of doors from there on "each girl gets her own room" Madam Ophelia said and continued to walk, Xena noticed most doors were locked with a name on it, her eyes fell on one in the far corner that had no name on it ' that's mine' she thought and looked at Madam Ophelia" that one is free right?" She asked Madam Ophelia nodded "good, save it up for me" she said, Madam Ophelia chuckled " you sure have already decided to work here" Xena shrugged " fake it till you make it" she said, to which Madam Ophelia smiled in amusement " oh Jewel! Are you free?" She asked as they saw jewel walk pass them " hello there Madam Lia" she heard her say  'this voice ...' Xena thought  and looked at jewels face and both their eyes widened " oh Lucas! There you are, here ladies introduce yourselves , sorry I gotta go for now" she said and rushed off. Xena eyed Jewel from head to toe and posed, a smirk playing on her lips and her hands on her hips " well well well, this is the last place I ever thought see the Straight A queen of WinterVille High " Jewels face went red and her brows furrowed "I...I..I don't know what you're talking about" " perhaps you prefer your real name jewel.. Or should I say  Judy Silver...am i really that easy to forget?" Judy stared at Xena's face for a few seconds before a look of realization flickered on her face " Xena?" "About time" "w..what are you doing here?" She asked confused "I believe it is obvious that I would probably end up here since I dropped out but the real question here is what are you doing here while your prizes and great certificate is eating up dust somewhere in your closet?" Judy looked away " its none of your business" "I get it, you're probably going through a rebellious stage as you've missed your chance when you were in highschool because of your strict father" Xena said shrugging and crossed her arms, Judy was silent "though if i were to guess, i'd say it is a case of being rebellious but you really give me the vibe of a girl in love with a scumbag" she said slowly as she stared at her long fingers  "Jackson is not a scumbag!" Judy said angrily and immediately covered her mouth 'bingo' Xena thought "ah I see what is going on here" Xena smirked and leaned forward "you fell in love with a no good scumbag and decided to rebel against your strict father and ended up working here to help your boyfriend whom you happen to be living with..am I right or...am I right?" "As I said ,he is not a scumbag" Judy said again blushing "okay okay, first of all how about we go somewhere and seat because im tired of standing" Judy nodded and avoided Xena's gaze. They walked into a dressing room which Xena assumed was Judys' because of the name on the door spelled out JEWEL "nice room" she said, the room was painted light blue and black, there was a large walk in closet which took most of the space in the room, there was a table with a large mirror and make up perfectly assembled and a stool besides it. There was a large couch that was in baby blue. They walked over to the couch and sat "how did you guess?" Judy asked quietly looking at the floor "I've seen your type a lot with the gang I hanged with back in highschool, girls falling in love with the scumbags and trading their ticket to a comfortable life to serve a dude who knows nothing but smoking, beer and sex..sometimes gambling, all in the name of love" "Jackson is different""that's what they all say, so tell me what are you doing here" Judy was silent for a bit then she sighed  "Well... I met a guy while studying  Business Management and we hit it off and moved here..the rest is as you've figured out" Xena studied Judy's face "what are you doing here though?" Judy asked, Xena shrugged " I came here as everyone else does, to start a life of their own, mainly business and then fall to their face when reality strikes like a lightening and resort to jobs like these" "so you're like me huh?" Judy said looking at Xena "I guess besides, I just moved here today" "oh i see.. I moved here a year ago.." They were silent for a bit "youre a good dancer" Xena said staring at the closet of the room "thank you, its more of a hobby" Xena nodded and stood up " well two things, one. My father always said, if a man loves his woman he'll never want to share her every part of her with the world, do with that what you will and two it was nice to see you here" Judy stood up "you too i guess" Xena started to walk out but stopped when Judy spoke "can you elaborate more on that though?" She turned to Judy "youre smart, think about it and you'll get" she said and continued to walk but stopped and turned again "I have one last thing to say to you" Judy raised an eyebrow as she noticed Xena's expression had changed to a dark one"we've never been close and I don't know you well but I know one thing for sure and that is... You. Don't. Belong. Here." Xena said slowly while looking Judy in the eyes, Judy's eyes widened "what is that suppose to mean" she said a little annoyed, Xena's face went cold and blank " rethink your life choices " and with that she walked off and slammed the door shut behind her.

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