Author: Shruti Omar / Posted: 01.05.21, 09:12:56

Greetings to everyone. 

Hope you've been fine in this pandemic. I am making sure to help you in a way to let you relax in your leisure hours. I am updating regularly and hoping you're liking it. This post is made to answer the question that I have encountered so many times now. As I had already declared, the book CAPTURED will be made paid after its completion. The novel is gonna be released in a series and the first book of the installment is reaching its destination somewhere during the next week. This is the answer of your first question. 

I know it's really disheartening but I'm sorry the book is not gonna remain free. I've been very clear about it since the beginning and trying my best to give let you make the advantage of free version but I am putting my efforts and my valuable time in preparing something so dear to me only because I see a future with it. I want my hardwork to pay off. The answer to your second question. 

Once the book is finished, I'll give you the time of a fortnight to finish it before putting it behind the paywall. But, for that to happen, you have to help me in making the book on top of ranking with heavy votes and comments. That's the answer to your third question. 

Now, we're good. Let's get to the updates. I deserve a weekly break but if I get some sort of encouragement and perhaps a magical motivation (I am re-watching the MCU series) I can perhaps update. Plus, BIG CHEERS to those who love Tony Stark. Robert and his attitude is whoa...Fire. ?


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Kanishka Mishra
01.05.2021, 18:52:04

Hey Shruti. Just wanted to appreciate your hardwork and thoughtfulness by updating regularly and helps us to keep our mind off from the pandemic situation for sometimes. I just wanted to ask that is 'like' button and voting button at the end of page are same?? If you don't mind me asking.... because if yes than i have liked it long back but if it is not then do let me know and i would love to vote for your stories.
Last but not least.....THANKSSSSSSS A LOTTTTT.

Kanishka Mishra
01.05.2021, 20:41:47

Shruti Omar, Okay.Thanks ?

Neha Singh
01.05.2021, 11:34:37

Free or paid , I am always up for reading your work . You have no idea how relaxing a good book can be after a hectic day . My sweetest escape from reality . And all thanks to you dear !

Shruti Omar
01.05.2021, 12:46:44

Neha Singh, Oh my God! Coming from you it means so much. I write it when I'm done—totally knackered—after reading. It's good that you guys appreciate it.❤️

01.05.2021, 10:07:36

So will you make 2nd book paid as soon as it has started or will be doing same as the 1st one? I love Tony stark and Steve Rogers :-D

01.05.2021, 11:13:12

Shruti Omar, Oh ok

Kriya Kashyap
01.05.2021, 10:39:55

So will the second book remain free until you complete it , make it a paid one as soon as you finish it but let it be free until then please..

Shruti Omar
01.05.2021, 10:55:52

Kriya Kashyap, Each book will be paid after completion

Krati Chauhan
01.05.2021, 09:58:12

So the second book will only be available for preview that's it which will be a part of CAPTURED series ?

Shraddha Joshi
01.05.2021, 09:32:02

You means second book will be paid??? It's worth to pay for it as well

Shruti Omar
01.05.2021, 09:43:47

Shraddha Joshi, Kind of.

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