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Some of Booknet authors may wonder why it's not possible to sell stories here right away. Or why some paid books might be not perfectly edited. So I decided to make a blog post where I'll try to answer these questions.

Let's start with a flashback. There used to be no requirements for getting commercial status on Litnet many years ago. Many authors, even experienced ones, thought that they can successfully sell their books online. Yet, only some of them got good sales results. The book itself didn't determine the sales. But the number of active readers did. Because readers won't read or buy something that they don't know about or don't like.

This is exactly why there is a need for at least 100 followers and 80 regular readers. It helps authors avoid disappointment. Obviously, "follow for follow" won't help with the sales in the future. At the same time, the readers on Booknet will always have a great choice of good free stories. As for now, 98% of all stories on Booknet are completely free.

As a matter of fact, only the sales of full-length novels are viable. Readers are not willing to buy short stories or poetry online. So that's why we ask authors to publish on Booknet at least one free novel. And it's not a secret that one of the best marketing tools is a free book.

Booknet doesn't decide what to sell. We are not like publishers who want to own the book. We are a platform for independent writers. Everyone can publish their stories on Booknet. If the stats are good, the author will be offered commercial status. It's up to an author what and how to sell. It's true that Booknet can give advice, recommend something. But the authors make all the decisions. The success of their stories relies on them. At the same time, we pay authors the highest royalty share in the market, give free ads etc.

Also, I see the sales on booknet as a way for readers to support an author. It's not just selling a product. It's more about the experience. The reader buys the book, talks to the author in the comments, can influence the plot etc. If readers like the author, they will want to back her/him. It gives the motivation to spend more time on writing, editing, professional covers etc.

I hope it brings more clarity to the understanding of what commercial status is about. Leave your questions in the comments below if you have anything to ask.



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Ruechari 03.06.2020, 17:13:19

One last question and then I swear I'll stop bugging you. Some readers get highly upset or affronted when a book suddenly goes up for sale that they were reading for free. What advice would you give authors to handle these readers' feelings on this subject? Do you think forewarning readers in blogs or the annotation is a good idea if the author knows they want to sell the book? Okay, sorry that was two questions ; )

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Alex admin 03.06.2020, 17:25:54

Ruechari, it's the choice of the author. We can't make an independent author do something. Making a story paid out of the blue probably will disappoint many readers. But it's also true that some readers will be disappointed even if it was announced in advance that the book is about to become paid in the future. We encourage authors all the time to talk to readers :)

Ruechari 03.06.2020, 16:29:11

Another question, if you write for another platform, could you bring your story over to Booknet and sell it as ongoing when you reach the 80 regular readers, or are Bookscriptions only offered on stories that are new?

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Ruechari 03.06.2020, 17:09:59

Andrew, Good to know... thanks!

Ruechari 03.06.2020, 14:31:58

Thank you once again Andrew for taking the time to explain things a little more about Booknet. It's great that Booknet puts so many resources (time, money, ads) into promoting its authors, even those that are not the most popular. If you have reached commercial status what can an author do on their end to improve the results of their sales?

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Ruechari 03.06.2020, 16:24:33

Andrew, Great advice. Thank you, Andrew.

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