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Always yours

Caro Yimes

Series: Always

Story about:boss and secretary, romance drama erotic, erotico

Age restriction: 18+

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978 106 10836

#70 in Romance
#19 in Romantic erotica

Ongoing: 24 Oct 124 pages

Publication: 15.09.2020 — ...

Description of book "Always yours"

When Joseph heard the doctor talk about Lexy's health, his world fell apart and he set out to seek revenge.

Now, the young couple will have to fight to prove that their love is real and that it goes beyond a passionate office romance.

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Saga "Always".
Part two: Always Yours.

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A Pamela Carlisle-Calix 25.10.2020, 01:10:43

These chapters broke my heart I’m crying still how could he just walk away with out talking to her and giving up his job he knew when she heard the news she was confused and upset because he kept lying to her when she asked why not be honest with her like they said they would... they had been through so much together and engaged to be married so did they break up??? Officially???? No one said so did they they both love each other so much. Please let them get back together and get married and figure out how to get him back in his position and her in hers

Priya Basak 24.10.2020, 21:19:44

I hope they end up together again and their arrogant manager could understand their relationship

Priya Basak 24.10.2020, 20:49:21

Why I feel like their secret will come out!! My heart is thumping

Priya Basak 24.10.2020, 20:07:13

I think so

Priya Basak 23.10.2020, 18:32:56

Such a love!! Feels so good in reading this

Ejiaga Ngozi 22.10.2020, 22:56:27

In my opinion I would say, Lexi was wrong and Joseph was totally selfless with his actions.

Ayaan K 22.10.2020, 00:20:09

well , can't say who was wrong but it's painful to see their relationship shattering.

Boitumelo Tabmea 08.10.2020, 11:34:19

Hi! I paid for this book but still it's says I must pay

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Boitumelo Tabmea 19.10.2020, 14:31:21

Boitumelo Tabmea, I don't understand, what must I write?? This now getting out of hand, THE MONEY WAS DEDUCTED FROM MY ACCOUNT SAYING IT WENT THROUGH, BUT WHEN I GET TO THE BOOK IT STILL ASKS ME TO PAY

A Pamela Carlisle-Calix 18.10.2020, 15:53:47

I really hope they get married and he talks to his boss and they let them be together happily married and they have a baby(ies) to complete their family

A Pamela Carlisle-Calix 14.10.2020, 21:42:52

I would love for them too have twins or triplets that would be so awesome since they like kids

Paola Valentine 10.10.2020, 18:03:09

It's mine at last
Baby Joseph is Mine, only mine ❤️

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Ayaan K 11.10.2020, 22:18:31

Paola Valentine, You wanna fight with lexi for Joseph or what...caro isn't gonna star You in the story lol

Ayaan K 09.10.2020, 21:25:09

You are the best caroooo

Belsie May Macalisang 06.10.2020, 16:22:08

when will be the next update?

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Belsie May Macalisang 08.10.2020, 08:05:56

Caro Yimes, thank you but i don't own any mention card.

Belsie May Macalisang 07.10.2020, 05:44:27

I wish someone can help me

Belsie May Macalisang 07.10.2020, 05:44:09

I don't know about how to purchase the book i don't have any bank to pay for it

Belsie May Macalisang 07.10.2020, 05:42:59

Now i cant read it because i need to buy the Book 2 Always Yours
Im sad

Belsie May Macalisang 07.10.2020, 05:36:18

Thank you Author
Im so excited to read

Belsie May Macalisang 06.10.2020, 16:20:26

im truly Love it

Belsie May Macalisang 06.10.2020, 15:54:15

i love reading this book thank you Author for a great story

Belsie May Macalisang 06.10.2020, 15:53:38

ohhh so sorry for Lexy

Lucky Unachukwu 05.10.2020, 10:04:22

No other way to pay for it, because I can put my card number,

Ejiaga Ngozi 01.10.2020, 18:50:19

Bless them with a son like joseph

Ejiaga Ngozi 01.10.2020, 18:49:38

Bless them with a son like joseph

Erica M 30.09.2020, 22:11:19

I love their relationship

Sapana Dixit 30.09.2020, 04:08:30

hello caro trying to payment but nothing is happened

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Sapana Dixit 30.09.2020, 09:39:14

Caro Yimes, it showing purchase is not successful please contact support

Sapana Dixit 30.09.2020, 03:43:58

Comment has been deleted

maneesha mehra 29.09.2020, 16:15:51

Hello caro, I'm trying to make payment via PayPal, many times 8 to be exact, nothing happened. Pls send me other payment detail so I can do that nd read full book, I'm getting restless now as I want know the end , pls help pls

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maneesha mehra 29.09.2020, 16:55:35

Comment has been deleted

Priyanka Budime 28.09.2020, 18:12:22

Hi Caro, your writing is great, I am tiring from two days to buy the book but I am unable to do it please help me with it

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Priyanka Budime 29.09.2020, 07:14:53

Caro Yimes, Thank you for Ur info

Sarah Brito 26.09.2020, 02:12:47

Caro, I have it! I love you, kisses, baby!

The last comment in the thread:

Caro Yimes guru 26.09.2020, 18:36:07

Sarah Brito, Thanks, babe

Gena Elgie 25.09.2020, 02:23:04

it went thru!!! thank you

The last comment in the thread:

Caro Yimes guru 25.09.2020, 19:44:40

Gena Elgie, I'm glad, thank you very much for your support

Nhell 25.09.2020, 05:57:28

i feel upset now how could i continue to read this book...i dont have credit card to buy this book..i really feel sad....

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Caro Yimes guru 25.09.2020, 19:43:54

Nhell, You can install the attapoll application, if you want, you can write me to instagram (CaroYimes or CaroYimesEn) and I can teach you to use it.

Nneoma 25.09.2020, 00:26:40

I guess I will get ideas of this book from comments

Nneoma 25.09.2020, 00:22:16

nice work author... I guess I will some ideas of this book from comments.

Kelly Blickley 24.09.2020, 20:14:38

I just paid but why is chapter 9 not in English? Previous chapters are English, so its not a mistake on my end.

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Kelly Blickley 25.09.2020, 00:17:38

Caro Yimes, Yes it is corrected now. Thank you.

Gena Elgie 24.09.2020, 20:26:24

i tried to buy it and it is blank??

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Gena Elgie 24.09.2020, 20:58:55

Caro Yimes, okay, thank you

Izzy 24.09.2020, 18:59:57

Whats this bullshit. Whenever the author get hype on their book they put subscription on second part which is totally unethical to the readers. This app is so dramatic

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chandni kumari 24.09.2020, 19:22:52

Caro Yimes, I totally agree with you Caro and I will encourage you to be as good as you are and of course talent should not be free of cost as you have you passion and have right to put bookscrpition we have always liked your book and we will always. Maybe some will subscribe some will not even I am not sure about myself but I was just now checking for how to do that wallet thing and win it.
We love you

Lucylanda guru 24.09.2020, 18:41:36

I'm here

The last comment in the thread:

Caro Yimes guru 24.09.2020, 18:45:35

Lucylanda, I know it, thank you

Elyn Balio Kampilan 24.09.2020, 15:58:34

Thank you for the update Author.

Titi 24.09.2020, 09:30:36

well done.... This is a very good book

Osiobe beauty 23.09.2020, 06:11:57

nice! really nice! please update soon

Theyoung Michael 22.09.2020, 22:27:58

Nice idea of what he said

Niharika Troublefield 21.09.2020, 22:55:35

It's good to see her all brave and confident. I want every women to be brave like her.

Riechi Manen 19.09.2020, 13:07:14

I support what Joseph is doing, cause no man will watch the woman he loves be treated like an animal

KAJAL KHOKHAR 19.09.2020, 08:00:07

hey dear I'm here to just appreciate u for your regularity and writing skills. U always post regularly then most of the writers here so keep it up dear and all the best.

Nisa Noor 19.09.2020, 07:18:10


Josephine Maduagwu 19.09.2020, 03:17:21


Josephine Maduagwu 18.09.2020, 23:40:27

I love Joseph's style

chandni kumari 18.09.2020, 03:11:02

Caarrroooo you are awesome and Joseph is best . I have been following you, your writing this whole story but never really thought to write here something....I just wait for your uploads thanks for making us all happy by your writing, it just brings a bright smile on my face whether it is the couple's (j&l) sex or childish pamper or pure love. You are GREAT.

VIVIAN CHIDEBE 18.09.2020, 01:41:15

perfect revenge

Lycelle Owoses 17.09.2020, 10:15:25

Its very beautiful story, yep justice is always not on the side of the victims, and Esteban can later kill Lexy its better that this happen, so that Esteban must know he can't beat up a woman which is hurtless. Thank you Caro for showing out woman abuse and that they are silent and not talking, but this must make us a woman think more and to aware of this kind of abuse.

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