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Avoiding The Bad Boy

Kimi Davis

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academy, badboy, goodgirl


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Publication: 04.06.2020 — 06.07.2020

Description of book "Avoiding The Bad Boy"

Brielle Goldman wanted nothing more than to have a peaceful year at Burswick Academy, a prestigious school which provided the best education to its students. However, her carefully made plans are thwarted when the bad boy enters her life, and ruins whatever plans she had made for the following year. Dash Melwin did not want anything to do with Burswick Academy, but he has little choice when his parents force him to attend the Academy. When he sees Brielle, he tries his best to get her attention, but hates the fact that she chooses to avoid him at every turn. But when a student at Burswick Academy turns up dead, it is the perfect opportunity for Dash to get close to Brielle. And when they are thrown together because of a murder, Brielle starts to wonder if Dash is who he says he is?

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Dickson Blessing 09.07.2020, 22:47:55

Interesting start

Solomon Ebipade 09.07.2020, 12:42:16

This book is so amazing and beautiful. I love it

Jasmine Boodoo 09.07.2020, 06:01:20

this book is so incredible

Ajao Janet 08.07.2020, 03:43:19

author is this the end of the story

Manangbao Frecilyn 07.07.2020, 08:36:15

I am curious

Joy Peter 04.07.2020, 17:05:09


Ayoifeoluwa Ayodele 03.07.2020, 19:20:16

I love this book, please can this have a part two or something I'm really in love with this book. Great story, great author;-)

Cira Shalash 01.07.2020, 16:44:47

great story

BHAGYASREE P V 29.06.2020, 13:29:42

Chptr 8

Alda Diea 29.06.2020, 00:37:22

C'est une très belle histoire

afreen skafreen 26.06.2020, 11:31:15

I really enjoyed reading this book:* I loved the way you describe the story and I am in love with Dash character he is soo charming :) Can you please more books and the continue story for this book I really want to know will they together for all their life. In love with this book. Keep up the good work I really wish your books be on top#1

Fabfle 25.06.2020, 20:18:15

Is it me,or why can't I find chapter 34

Laisa Tikomaimaleya 24.06.2020, 23:46:29

Awwww! end too soon...I really wanted more of this story..however thank you Ms Davis for a great book and all the best for all your coming stories you wish to write.

Laisa Tikomaimaleya 24.06.2020, 00:22:10

Really love the updates and luv the story too.Fantastic author!

Syeda Deeba Fathima 23.06.2020, 23:33:04

How many chapters a day u will update???

Syeda Deeba Fathima 23.06.2020, 23:31:59

The best story so far! I can say❤ I loved it

Laisa Tikomaimaleya 20.06.2020, 22:17:30

Great!... luv the updates!... please more!

Laisa Tikomaimaleya 16.06.2020, 13:49:28

I think Dash is actually a nice guy,protecting who he loves. May be Bri should look at his perspective towards Lauren to salvage whatever is left of their tie.

Laisa Tikomaimaleya 09.06.2020, 00:57:02

This is a good story . ..typical college scenario...luv it.

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