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Black Devil White Prince.

Nasreen Mansuri

Story about:demon in love with a human

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Description of book "Black Devil White Prince."

A not so good manga artist accidentally summons a devil, who was cursed and buried under thousands and thousands of layers of magic. To prevent him from returning to the earth. He’s ruthless, heartless, merciless, every evil thing one can imagine. He entertains him self by spreading hatred, hostility, enmity, persecution. He’s one step behind from becoming a king of all demons but there are some conditions to be one.
It’s believed that no ordinary human being can awaken this devil. Than how come this manga artist who’s beautiful but clumsy, intelligent but out of luck. Who is she, what secret lies behind her. What exactly happened to her that she awakened this devil.

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Madhumitha Saravanan 07.04.2021, 16:05:03

Hey Nasreen, it's been longtime!! How are you doing?? Hope you are not overworking or ill...I just didn't want to disturb you but bare me :') do you have any idea or calculation when you'll be able to update the completed book or the next update?? No pressure!! Just..any info about the update...Love yourself!!!

Nahid Sheikh 27.03.2021, 05:19:02

hey why u stopped updating new chapters??? and it is showing book is frozen why :(

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Nahid Sheikh 27.03.2021, 21:18:22

Nasreen Mansuri, Ohhh Thank God. I got mini heart attack when I saw its frozen :p

Nahid Sheikh 19.03.2021, 23:20:05

I can clearly c how much efforts u hv really put it in to collect information about the super natural things nd I loved it that pillow shift maker was also new for me as I never heard about it... seriously the story plot is totally different nd unique for me otherwise every other writer writes the same nd same plot again nd again well I really wanna know more about Kyo nd the other guy who saved Hana to trip on floor...or is tarha se bich mein scene adhura nahi chhodna chahiye yaar ye paap hota hai :p btw hope u r well now :)

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Nasreen Mansuri 20.03.2021, 06:06:57

Nahid Sheikh, Thank u very much dear, I'm very well now, And thanks for the appreciation it means a lot. And Upcoming chapters will be more about Kyo and Hana. I'll try to avoid the "paaps" ;p

Madhumitha Saravanan 19.03.2021, 17:50:32

I love how much effort you've added to it in collecting the is interesting as always and I want to know more about kyo!! you've done great!!! all the best for the hard worker to do more!!!

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Nasreen Mansuri 19.03.2021, 18:51:42

Madhumitha Saravanan, Ha ha...ha.. yeah get ready for the joy ride... ;)

Madhumitha Saravanan 15.03.2021, 19:47:53

yay!!! she's back with her twists and turns!!! as usual I have a ton of thoughts, guesses, questions and so many more but I'll wait to know more...and take care of yourself and it's okay if it takes time!!! good job dear.

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Madhumitha Saravanan 16.03.2021, 11:12:21

Nasreen Mansuri, dear your words are very complex to me right now...i hope and really wish you have a lot of good people around you and we guys will always be right here for you!!!

Nahid Sheikh 15.03.2021, 14:08:47

not expecting this twist it's just amazing...nd take care of yourself dear :)

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Nasreen Mansuri 16.03.2021, 08:59:15

Nahid Sheikh, Thanks for your concern.

Minori 14.03.2021, 16:50:25

Awesome... just awesome..I don't have words to express how much excited I'm to read it further. The twist are just amazing. Keep it up you're the best.. and get well soon.

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Nasreen Mansuri 14.03.2021, 19:08:59

Minori, Thank u very much.

Nahid Sheikh 14.03.2021, 13:55:17

plzzzz update soon dear....

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Nasreen Mansuri 14.03.2021, 16:04:09

Nahid Sheikh, Dear sorry for the delay as I'm not feeling well. but still managed to write the 4th chapter. And its updated. I hope you like it.

Nahid Sheikh 09.03.2021, 14:30:00

I already guessed who is the main male lead character :p...well I am really enjoying this full of suspense nd mystery story...don't reveal the suspense soon, let readers get more curious to know the truth(just kidding write the way u want dear writer)..nd yeah I forgot to tell u in previous comment I really like the poster of the story. From where u got the exact poster according to the story title??

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Nasreen Mansuri 10.03.2021, 22:33:43

Nahid Sheikh, This image was available on pinterest, I searched an image for a devil and surprisingly I got lucky and got what I really wanted. And Thanks for your support.

Madhumitha Saravanan 08.03.2021, 12:29:55

Comment has been deleted

Madhumitha Saravanan 08.03.2021, 09:00:17

okay...for me it isn't so clear yet...cuz you know, my brain!! so I have to wait a few more chapters but still the guess are already overload because of you. Interesting let's wait...together!?? Good work dear!!!

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Nasreen Mansuri 08.03.2021, 09:40:35

Madhumitha Saravanan, Thank u dear, And I assure you... the next chapters will make everything clear to you and you'll have as much fun as The Most Eligible Bachelor. ❤

Nahid Sheikh 06.03.2021, 03:30:24

Happiness is open ur booknet account after a long time and see notification for new book from ur favourite writer...just read the story and it's amazing..I must say Nasreen ur sentence construction skills are amazing specially the prologue I love the way u have described the prologue(Only one word for u BRILLIANT). And yes u hv well researched b4 writing this story, usually people prefer to read stories with adult content whether the story is good or not even I have read some stories which have sex scenes which is not even required for story, it's ok if u r writing sex scenes for plot but unnecessarily putting lot of adult content makes story actually dull nd boring..nd yes one more thing her dream scene is actually scary nd the way u described someone purposely push her always etc it actually made me scared, yes I am little bit of darpuk type so plz nasreen don't update new chapters at night so it won't come into my dreams nd disturb my sleep plzzzz :p...All The Best for this new story :)

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Nasreen Mansuri 06.03.2021, 05:58:07

Nahid Sheikh, Thank u sooo much, This means a lot to me. Your comments always encourage me to write the best. And nothing to be scared, this will be your best fantasy romance you'll ever read.

Madhumitha Saravanan 04.03.2021, 11:30:31

My Instinct very strongly says that the character that Hana drew for her sketch must be the main lead!!? but let's wait anyways..and forgive me if I've given any spoilers and I'm very eager to know more... especially the names of all the main characters.

Myra Siddique 03.03.2021, 11:08:05

Sounds very interesting. Eagerly waiting for the new chapters. Good luck.

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Nasreen Mansuri 03.03.2021, 11:13:12

Myra Siddique, Thank u.

Madhumitha Saravanan 03.03.2021, 08:33:55

Isn't it obvious that am gonna read this book!!? if it is not then realise it already....All the best for your new book and remember your readers will always be hereto support you!! (θ‿θ)

The last comment in the thread:

Nasreen Mansuri 03.03.2021, 08:53:35

Madhumitha Saravanan, Thank u so much...❤❤

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