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Description of book "Bought by Mr. Billionaire"

Wealth, Beauty, and Family. For 23 years of Odette's life she had enjoyed luxury. With the blink of an eye she is standing on a stage
"1000 dollars"
"2000 dollars"
Mr. Lim bid for 2000 anyone higher to book this sexy lady tonight?
Yes, in just a blink of an eye. I become like this. Like a thing in the market. Can be bought for a night.
No one is talking. 2000 is already high. Would i end up with this old man? I suddenly felt like crying. I didn't even thought before that i would end up like this.
"1 million" a sudden fuss can be heard. 1 million? I raised my chin and saw a dashing man. Sitting confidently at the back.
"well no. Make it 30million and she's mine"
Everyone in the room was shock except for the man.
"okay, O.D was bought for 30Million. Deal closed"

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Chanderika Sharma
22.10.2021, 15:31:21

It was good , why you stopped updating it ??

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