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Captured - The Royal Obsession

Shruti Omar

Series: The Royal Series

Story about:forcedmarriage, loveatfirstsight, possesive alpha male

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#8 in Romantic suspense
#3 in ChickLit

Ongoing: 20 Apr 195 pages

Publication: 17.03.2021 — ...

Description of book "Captured - The Royal Obsession"

An unfortunate accident in the family makes Matsyaa Rathore step into her native soil, India. Aggrieved soul is trying to fit the mysterious pieces of information into the jigsaw puzzle of her uncle's demise. She anticipates everything except being an undeniable, untamed fantasy of a powerful prince. Unlike the fairytales, she realized being an indomitable desire of a future king is equal to living a nightmare, especially, when he is capable of shaping her future and shaking her grounds. She protests, struggles and discovers a way out but there’s one thing she doesn’t know – Prince Ranvijay Singh Raghuvanshi must not be tricked, played or challenged.

He’s a passionate storm, planning to destroy her in a way that her life will find a new definition, new horizons and new objectives.

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Nisha Maurya 20.04.2021, 16:24:58

He is really something

sumathi Mohan 20.04.2021, 16:21:38

Though he is bad still he is indeed winning me.

I will hate for what he is doing to the poor girl. In all fairness she is being suffocated.. But still I like this dark side though i will support the fiesty Matsya.

Just a suggestion let her for a change end up doing some archeological digup in the ravenous Haveli... Poor girl is so boggled.

I loved their dinner together though she was cute in enjoying the food fed by him.

Interesting but in all this Shruti please donot forget a gruesome punishment for that rapist Raghavendra... That chapter has affected me indeed.

Thanks for the lovely update. Hope you are getting better

Buhari sekinat 19.04.2021, 22:32:39

,wow.. nice update .I really want Ranvijay and matsyaa to share a beautiful moment together pls.

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Serani 20.04.2021, 12:47:20


Juan de la Cruz 19.04.2021, 04:13:41

I love the language and the conversation. The english is decent. For someone like you who is not American, you do very well with the english language. Some authors really are horrible in their english. You're a Good one!

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Shruti Omar 20.04.2021, 10:51:45

Juan de la Cruz, Thanks once again. ?

Anjali Jarora 19.04.2021, 20:52:56

I'm falling for Ranvijays words for good.
Kidnapping and all scenes were really nicely written (* ~*)
Now it is like mafia romance and his way of having things.

Anamika Dalal 19.04.2021, 20:29:10

Just when I start with rationality and decide that what Ranvijay is doing is wrong, he comes up with those beautiful words of his. I know what he's doing is wrong and unfair to Matasya but then, I'm also a firm believer of the fact that life isn't all black and white.

Nisha Maurya 19.04.2021, 17:38:18


Tanuja Panda 19.04.2021, 15:51:28

Thanks for updating such a loving chapter

Ishrat Jabeen 19.04.2021, 14:32:52


Sardar Ahmad Dogar 19.04.2021, 13:22:19

hey when u gonna publish your book caged again....

Jasvinder Kaur Ubbhi 18.04.2021, 13:58:43

Please dear Author update soon

Anjali Jarora 17.04.2021, 21:30:20

I hope you are doing well dear author .
Plz update soon we are eagerly waiting lots of love from your readers

Tanuja Panda 17.04.2021, 20:54:10

Please update soon

Kamalpreet Kaur 16.04.2021, 18:36:16

Hey! I don't know what's happening,but I am not recieving any of your notifications
plzz tell me what to do

The last comment in the thread:

Shruti Omar 16.04.2021, 21:34:00

Kamalpreet Kaur, I don't know why but I've heard the same thing from others too. You can follow me as an alternative for the update remainder. Or else, you'll have to wait until things fall in place ❤️

Anamika Dalal 16.04.2021, 10:09:34

Your new updates here project Raghavendra as little humane as opposed to earlier ones on Wattpad. I'm glad for the changes. Though I'm eagerly waiting for the story to move forward, but your new regular updates have been keeping me excited and happy. I wish you get due recognition for all these efforts Shruti !
Wish you the best, always !!

Joy Odunwa 16.04.2021, 09:21:08

Matsyaa is such a strong personality. Ranvijay is in for a very tough ride.

Anamika Dalal 16.04.2021, 06:11:00

She is such a vicious person. I can't believe how much she hates her own grandson !!

Ishrat Jabeen 16.04.2021, 04:53:09

wow! awesome update

Buhari sekinat 16.04.2021, 00:13:44

wow... nice update. Get well soon

Kriya Kashyap 15.04.2021, 23:45:23

The update was really nice. I look forward to seeing Ranvijay and Matsya's marital life. Keep going , cheers

Juan de la Cruz 15.04.2021, 21:04:59

This is really entertaining. i like the plot of the story. Really nice to my taste. Tnx, author!

Tanuja Panda 15.04.2021, 20:25:51

Thanks for updating such a great chapter. I really enjoy this

Anjali Jarora 15.04.2021, 20:20:13

Update was amazing and loved small romance in shower .
Get well soon ..
Omg can wait to seen what will happen next .
How obsession will turn into love

Aisha Siddiqua 15.04.2021, 20:00:21

Lovely enjoying regular update...hope u continue ur awesome writing & update regularly so that we can get a glimpse of romance of both matshaya and Ranvijay..
Love d charecter Ranvijay but why matsyaa do stubborn

ruk p 15.04.2021, 19:03:47

nice update

sumathi Mohan 15.04.2021, 18:03:59

Thanks so much for the update.

I like her not being submissive... Ranvijay has a lot to do lot to correct..

Let's see how it goes..

Still love strong Matsya

Serani 15.04.2021, 17:52:00

Thanks for the update and get well soon :-)

Zoya Khatun 15.04.2021, 17:34:46

story is awesome thanks keep updating

Sarita Shetty 15.04.2021, 17:29:07

A HUGE SHOUTOUT to the best storyteller on Booknet!!! Loved every bit of this update.. I loved how Matsya did not give up???

Ayesha Ajmal 15.04.2021, 11:31:42

I think matsya will not accept proposal and ranvijay force her to marry him .....

The last comment in the thread:

sumathi Mohan 15.04.2021, 11:52:22

Ayesha Ajmal, Exactly he has traumatized her

sumathi Mohan 15.04.2021, 11:51:11

Whats if Matysa accepts but on few conditions... Like complete her studies,. Court him and then marry or marry but no intimacy till she completes her studies. Poor girl must be having so many dreams...

But it's interesting

Shivani Sapkal 15.04.2021, 06:59:11

I hope everything goes well...but I know it simply can't... Matsya is like a caged Bird...who has flown away from one but caught in another...about Ranvijay as I said he is too much good when it comes to others but in Matsya's case he acts like a fool...I really want them together..but it is like it cannot happen anytime soon..ಠ︵ಠ

Nadia Maidin 15.04.2021, 04:46:18

Oh this is becoming exciting. Pls more update. Love ur sweet novel.

Irena Fatima 15.04.2021, 04:04:19

raghavandra is married. why don't mattsyaa's father know that? he is native there... he must have known if he's married or not? and of course raghavandra is a successful businessman then his marriage news would have spread like fire... so how come her father agreed to marry mattsyaa to raghavandra (a married man)? and he hold a grudge for ravijah but is okay with raghavandra (married man) to marry mattsyaa? why is this so confusing here???

Joy Odunwa 15.04.2021, 03:21:00

Can see the fireworks exploding soon. Great chapter.

Aisha Siddiqua 15.04.2021, 01:57:24

Awesome...but matsyaa is too stubborn...??Ranvijay a lot...

sumathi Mohan 14.04.2021, 21:52:25

Wow hope you are getting better.

Thanks like this Ranvijay

Zoya Khatun 14.04.2021, 21:19:42

thank you

Ishita Shreya 14.04.2021, 21:12:41

atleast he apologized

Nancy Sanchez 14.04.2021, 15:54:06

Thanks author for the update but it's still not enough so greedy for ur story love ur book so much!!

Sandra Joseph 14.04.2021, 10:22:42

wowww I love this story

Serani 14.04.2021, 03:28:58

He’s such a dominating brute poor girl

Ayesha Ajmal 14.04.2021, 00:58:41

I feel bad for matsya .....I really astonish to ranvijay capabilities and his aura is so intimidated .....huufffff how Matsya is tolerating ...the story is getting interesting and intense day by day ....emotional and intense chapter ....

Bookaddict 13.04.2021, 22:43:35

Wow back to back double update you are being gracious author. Thank you so much truly love receiving surprise like this from favourite author over my favorite stories like this. Anyway coming to update it was fabulous action packed thrilling updates but it got me confused how quickly her father change his stand? Previous update she was his precious that he couldn't even scold her. And in next he's ready to marry her to married men who is going to become father? I'm sure you has plan up for to author just thinking will it go the wah I'm thinking or you have plot beyond my prediction. Either way k will love it for sure however now it's Ranvijay I wish you beat his previous behavior wasn't ok and here he abducted her? What to do with him look at his audacity hd talk about marriage with her like he is talking about Wheather lol ??? anyway brilliant waiting to read more. Thanks for double update.

Anjali Jarora 13.04.2021, 22:03:29

Also one question arise didn't Matasya father know he is already married man even wil become a father soon?? Raghvender is married !!!

Anjali Jarora 13.04.2021, 21:58:26

I'm loving it where the story is heading to...
Dear author thanks for the lovely update and keep yourslf healthy .
Sending my positivity to you.

Zoya Khatun 13.04.2021, 20:34:04

thanks author for double update keep it up

sumathi Mohan 13.04.2021, 20:26:37

Oh my god that's suprise of double update.

Knew she would be safe but boyoooo here comes the king himself.

Poor her... Alll my hearts go to her. Wish she is made aware his intentions.

Am happy and sad also love and hate Ranvijay...

And thanks for the lovely update.

Take care of yourself dear

Zoya Khatun 13.04.2021, 18:52:57

I am just waiting for Ranvijay reaction of this marriage news

The last comment in the thread:

Ishita Shreya 13.04.2021, 20:25:45

Zoya Khatun, now we found out

Tanuja Panda 13.04.2021, 20:12:00

Are they going to married

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