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Captured - The Royal Obsession

Shruti Omar

Series: The Royal Series

Story about:abduction, loveatfirstsight, domineering man

1825 150554

#19 in Romantic suspense
#10 in Contemporary fiction

Complete 292 pages

Publication: 17.03.2021 — 10.05.2021

Description of book "Captured - The Royal Obsession"

An unfortunate accident in the family makes Matsyaa Rathore step into her native soil, India. Aggrieved soul is trying to fit the mysterious pieces of information into the jigsaw puzzle of her uncle's demise. She anticipates everything except being an undeniable, untamed fantasy of a powerful prince. Unlike the fairytales, she realized being an indomitable desire of a future king is equal to living a nightmare, especially, when he is capable of shaping her future and shaking her grounds. She protests, struggles and discovers a way out but there’s one thing she doesn’t know – Prince Ranvijay Singh Raghuvanshi must not be tricked, played or challenged.

He’s a passionate storm, planning to destroy her in a way that her life will find a new definition, new horizons and new objectives.


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Kiran Singh
10.05.2022, 23:27:22


Lakhan Sav
26.07.2021, 11:35:42

finally I read all the chapters... and I'm lacking of words to praise u... I love ur book soo soo soo sooooo much....u r super duper writer... u never failed to surprise ur readers with ur writing skill...& Ranvijay, god how did u make his character sooo perfect...i love his calm yet dominative side and I really really love his all the dialogues... the way he was handling Matsyaa with so much patients and without forcing her gosh! he is really a sweetheart... I know he kidnapped her but only to keep her save... And I love Matsyaa also... she is really a fierce tigress... her point is also right... I mean everyone deserves freedom but she should have atleast try to understand Ranvijay and won't disappointed him.... ur book is really a masterpiece and one of my favorite book i've read... while reading it I got a feeling like Im watching a movie ... really excellent work... I just love it soo much.... ヾ(^-^)ノ

20.07.2021, 15:18:29

hey Hi author I've read the free chapters of this book and I really wanna say that u did a wonderful job.. The way the u describe the plots and scenes is really mind-blowing.. and also loved the way u explain the elegance of rajputs.. Great job author.. keep it up!

Mantasha Sabir
20.07.2021, 12:41:38

A good story should leaves the audience emotioal, relieved, and slightly exhausted at the end .I am too fond of this story.I really enjoyed it . RANVIJAY is a tough and strong guy he is a family centred man for whom to protect he will go to amy extent but I never expected him to touch her strings without her consent. So far the sample chapters you have perfectly portrayed Matsya as a strong , fierce girl unlike other stories where they are are meek and Submissive .She is  passionate about her studies ,her cultural . Coming to Randheer he puts up a facade to hate his brother but he cares for him and he is a bit naive . I am really looking forward to know what the future holds for them.On the off chance I hope to win the giveaway .

Lakhan Sav
19.07.2021, 15:58:31

wow... this is really a masterpiece.... im in love with ur writing... the way u describe everything and every emotions in detail I love to read it and feel connected... and I must say Rajveer is very intelligent, smart, dominant and most Importantly possesive... and Matsyaa is no less than him... she is indeed a strong and jolly girl... I love both of them... specially their first encounter it was fabulous ...when suddenly rajveer got attracted and pulled towards her and by mistake she fall in pool...I read that chapter twice ...but what he did to her in washroom I felt bad for her... but she being strong girl decided to complain against him.... I wanna know what will rajveer do to her now... and where will all this take matsyaa... I read this book till it's free and now I feel to read more...u r awesome.. ur story is awesome... ヾ(^-^)ノ

Reena Nayak
19.07.2021, 08:08:25

This was my book about royal and beileve it or not caught all the aspects to make even a non reader a reader, and their love at you might feel bad for matsyaa but soon the truth reveals well I'm on that but for sure secret which makes the story more intense and interesting. A story filled all genres to think about with the Indian Royal touch.
A must read especially for Indians.

Virosa writes
18.07.2021, 21:06:09

love you author so much
i just forgot to mention this in my last reply...

Virosa writes
18.07.2021, 21:04:55

i will be honest here author... this was the first noval that pulls me towards you .. i even rereads the same chapter because it was such a fantastic noval.. i can't hold myself but to reread it until you made it paid... i was still in relief that i was able to read your noval... when the part 2 arrived... you won't believe it author i litterly screamed... hahaha

Lakhan Sav
28.06.2021, 14:15:37

author when r u going to give promo code for this book... plz tell ... I really want to read ur all books .... plz plz.... I m clg student so I can't afford to buy it....

Madhumitha Saravanan
20.05.2021, 07:51:11

okay, isn't that actor Surya and actress Rashmika mandana in the book cover?? I really wanted to read this story but noticed we have pay...but trust the book cover is WOW!!

Shruti Omar
20.05.2021, 08:01:53

Madhumitha Saravanan, Thank u so much. You can try to reload the wallet. Or you can wait for more sample chapters to come that will help you in deciding.

17.05.2021, 12:46:16

nice book cover

Shruti Omar
19.05.2021, 08:46:38

Shraddha Joshi, Thanks.

honey hari
17.05.2021, 17:27:05

I think the previous book cover is good compared to this new one no offense (just my opinion)

Shruti Omar
19.05.2021, 08:46:32

honey hari, Oh.

12.05.2021, 15:47:00

I love this..

12.05.2021, 17:47:33

Shruti Omar, ypu deserve the hype girl.

Anna Varghese
12.05.2021, 16:26:55

Comment has been deleted

12.05.2021, 13:59:13

I have read it already.....and not just once...but many times.....I can't buy it due to some reasons.....but here I am writing this review.....that anyone who is having second thoughts about this book....ignore them...give it a is really really really very good book:)

Shruti Omar
12.05.2021, 14:00:03

Kia, ❤️

12.05.2021, 13:02:56

love this book..... great work author

Shruti Omar
12.05.2021, 13:40:59

Ramya Kumar, Thanks.

sumathi Mohan
12.05.2021, 12:56:35

Yep bought it... Am i the first.... i have enjoyed reading it free so to give you back i am happy to buy... Thanks

Shruti Omar
12.05.2021, 13:40:51

sumathi Mohan, Thank you so much. ❤️

Dibyani Prusty
12.05.2021, 07:05:47

i loveeeeeeeee this bookkkkkkk (-̩̩̩-̩̩̩-̩̩̩-̩̩̩-̩̩̩___-̩̩̩-̩̩̩-̩̩̩-̩̩̩-̩̩̩)

Shruti Omar
12.05.2021, 08:52:19

Dibyani Prusty, ❤️

Nancy Sanchez
11.05.2021, 14:43:43

Plz book soon so eager to read the sequel thanks author!

Andrea Caoile
11.05.2021, 02:42:16

The preview actually makes me really sad. Is that it for them?

Shruti Omar
11.05.2021, 06:28:12

Andrea Caoile, It is but just a sneak. Not going to determine whole plot.

Ayesha Ajmal
10.05.2021, 17:17:49

thanks for next sequel ur this book was great journey of love and possessiveness looking for for next one also ......

Nehal Dudeja
10.05.2021, 13:24:48

noooo plzzz don't do this
what about the Wattpad version
where they get married and Ranvijay still loves her adored her

Shruti Omar
10.05.2021, 15:23:58

Nehal Dudeja, Follow that in the second book.

Sabiha Sultana
10.05.2021, 13:27:52

I can't understand the ending

10.05.2021, 10:34:46

this story touched my heart. I from Rajasthan n I can relate myself with this story. just finished this book on one sitting.. yes I wake up whole night to read this enchanting book... you showed clearly every details of royal life.. I know how royals are n how they leave .. kudos to your work

Shruti Omar
10.05.2021, 10:41:01

Kitzy, Hi.
Thank you so much for the kind words. ❤️

Joy Odunwa
10.05.2021, 09:22:23

Yay! Book 2 is out. Please update more today.

Aishwarya Pillai
09.05.2021, 21:36:37

This can't be the end...please write more

Shruti Omar
10.05.2021, 05:18:37

Aishwarya Pillai, The second book is released

Principle Squad
09.05.2021, 17:39:31

What... It's End.... Itna Jaldi..... Author Please End mat karo.... Kahanito Ab jada maja Arahatha.... or tumne End kardiya khuc hajam nehi hua Pleas Make a season 2 Please please please.........

Shruti Omar
09.05.2021, 18:39:30

Principle Squad, There will be a season 2. Please check my blog.

07.05.2021, 18:06:32

OMG!!!this was crazy..whole was like a ride in a haunted don't know from where something will come.. similarly..if I had a slightest glint of what was about to happen in another update it seemed to was all crazy...I loved each and every part of it... Ranvijay's madness was of another level and Matsya's stubbornness all was completely..all those secrets and mysteries which are yet to be revealed and even Ranvijay's past are now making me anxious and curious...even Rathores are living with a secret or maybe secrets...also from last few updates I felt like Veer was also planning something..maybe his love story...I am waiting for that too...and Seema..she was really good and innocent...I think Raghvendra might have killed her...and Ranvijay misunderstood after watching CCTV footage...I mean he is a Prince..lives in a palace with security and CCTV cams are part of security..ohh..too much is yet to come..I just hope they end up with happiness with their Royal Romance...I was with you since the beginning of this book and I have always praised your work and like everytime I am again really deserve more...keep going...

09.05.2021, 18:17:41

Risper wanja, Yes

Embracing Madness
09.05.2021, 15:11:27

Author I'm so confused now. Can you clear it? Is Ranvijay thinking that she shot his guards and killed Seema when she didn't?

Shruti Omar
09.05.2021, 15:36:43

Embracing Madness, Yes

Embracing Madness
09.05.2021, 15:08:07

Actually I'm confused now. Matsyaa didn't shoot his guards. And didn't kill Seema. Why can't she speak up? She didn't notice what he was showing her maybe.... And that Toyota guy....

Embracing Madness
09.05.2021, 14:58:33

I think Ranvijay is just manipulating her to do his bid, and I am not worried about the new girl because I know Ranvijay won't immediately throw Matsyaa out of his heart. He's just testing her and I hope Matsyaa would find relief instead, like I know a little bit of jealousy is there but she should realize his love and decide if she wants to love him or not.

Chinenye Emmanuella
09.05.2021, 14:38:15

wow, this was awesome and mind blowing. this book kept me rooted to a spot until i finished it, kudos to the able author

Katrina Kaif
09.05.2021, 13:37:20

Can’t wait to see the next one....this one had me on the edge of my seat

Embracing Madness
08.05.2021, 00:29:54

Does it have a part 2? Or the part 2 you mentioned has a different story?

Embracing Madness
09.05.2021, 01:45:51

Shruti Omar, Yes!!!!

Wal writes
09.05.2021, 00:24:19

I loved it ! it was an amazing blow to matsyaa .. eagerly waiting for y
the next part author !your work is marvellous

Naru Mukhia
08.05.2021, 21:17:05

so eagerly waiting for next book

Shashi Kala
08.05.2021, 19:16:38

will there be a sequel to this book ?

Kriya Kashyap
08.05.2021, 17:22:59

It is really great. You have made my experience awesome with both wattpad and booknet. I am waiting for you begin your second book in this series, this is mind blowing. As I said your writing has improved and become very very versatile and great. waiting for the other books too.
loads of love,

Shruti Omar
08.05.2021, 07:56:13

Comment has been deleted

08.05.2021, 14:59:09

Shruti Omar, thank you so much author.

Juan de la Cruz
08.05.2021, 14:51:13

i love the story. But if Part 2 will be on subsciption, then I have to say goodbye. Love you all my co readers.

08.05.2021, 14:58:50

Juan de la Cruz, she said her story will be put on subscription once they're completed.

Monica Vaishy
08.05.2021, 14:29:29

Hey author, ur writing skills are amazing n I love ur books..N I m eagerly waiting for 2nd part(book) ....and thanx u so much for keeping it free :-)

08.05.2021, 10:17:14

love it ... will waiting for the next part

The Remakers
08.05.2021, 10:07:44

Will there be a sequel

Yahya Hameedah
08.05.2021, 07:33:32

kk thanks

Yahya Hameedah
07.05.2021, 20:57:52

is deir no part 2

Shruti Omar
08.05.2021, 06:58:20

Yahya Hameedah, There will be.

Pooja Manhas
08.05.2021, 05:02:41

will there be a book 2?

08.05.2021, 06:09:31

Pooja Manhas, yes there will be, the author said about it in her blog.

Pooja Singh
08.05.2021, 00:52:39

Wow what a end this first part now m eager to know what kind of behaviour do ranvijay with matsyaa.... hmm interesting

Queen Cassy
08.05.2021, 00:02:59

story did not end well

07.05.2021, 23:51:15

please 2part

Barakat Omowunmi
07.05.2021, 23:32:05

It's very interesting but I guess it has a part 2

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