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Damaged Beyond Repair

Kashmira Kamat (KittyKash)

Story about:
firstlove, collegeromance, studentteacher


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#7 in Contemporary Romance
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Complete 425 pages

Publication: 22.05.2020 — 19.06.2020

Description of book "Damaged Beyond Repair"

He was her teacher. She was his student.
But, that's where the problems only begin.

Alana Hayes has everything worked out when she transfers to the university; Sassy and strong, she just wanted to get through college, but finds herself falling head over heels in love with the professor.

Rowan Masters is anything but normal. He is sexy and he knows it. The ladies adore him from afar as they know there's something hiding behind those mocha eyes. He is good with keeping appearances, but Alana sees through the tough exterior. And although she knows that her growing admiration for the professor is wrong, she is ready to unveil past secrets and lies.

Are there any redeeming quantities in him or is he damaged beyond repair?

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Sia bhardwaj 10.06.2020, 17:34:33

We would appreciate if you will not end up Alana with Rowan's cousin Troy. It would be heartbreaking for Rowlana fans.

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Sia bhardwaj 10.06.2020, 20:21:20

But rowan loves her and that's the reason why he went to rehab and broke up with her(which he didn't wanted to do) .He also asked Dwight to keep an eye on her so that she could stay safe and happy. He wants her to be happy but he can't see any other man with her. He loves her so desperately and so does Alana. Then why not let two desperate lovers stay together.

Ijeoma Linda 10.06.2020, 20:07:54

I think Rowan sent Troy to protect her. I can’t imagine Alana with someone else other than Rowan but I really wish Alana and Rowan to be together

Mystic mist 10.06.2020, 19:53:30

I'm seriously missing Rowan... It's time for some RowLana moment!!!

swtp luv 10.06.2020, 19:41:20

Wow!!! Wow!!! That’s all I can say
Pls updates...can’t wait.. keep up d good work

Layla Inaya khan 10.06.2020, 17:37:22

Wow I'm just loving this book. It will actually be good for her to date someone else and see how it feels after all this while. I just can't wait for their romance. Please update more chapters whenever u can (灬º‿º灬)♡

Rakel Malik 10.06.2020, 16:52:18

can't wait for the next episodes

sadaf 10.06.2020, 14:35:28

hey kitty please update!!

Rakel Malik 10.06.2020, 14:35:22

finally, I hope Alana moves on with this new guy

Layla Inaya khan 10.06.2020, 14:06:01

This is a sudden twist to the story interesting .

Jennifer Lim 10.06.2020, 14:00:16

Love this book so much! When can we have the update? Thank you.

Nicole Mtutu 10.06.2020, 12:37:28


Awekonimungu Noreen 10.06.2020, 10:28:12

Hey dear author, I totally love this book. when can I read the rest of the parts. please, please and please update some more. I love your work

The last comment in the thread:

Kashmira Kamat (KittyKash) 10.06.2020, 12:22:54

Awekonimungu Noreen, thanks so much :)

Barakah Akande 10.06.2020, 10:34:54

Hi Author I love this book. Pls update more

The last comment in the thread:

Kashmira Kamat (KittyKash) 10.06.2020, 12:22:41

Barakah Akande, thanks :)

Syeda Dania Rizvi 10.06.2020, 10:22:37

love it soo much plz update new chapters soon

Layla Inaya khan 10.06.2020, 08:45:50

More updates please

Naomi Ehiome 10.06.2020, 03:18:42

interesting chapter can't wait for the end

Ijeoma Linda 10.06.2020, 00:10:18

Pls more update kittykash..,.., lovely story, more grease to your elbow!

Layla Inaya khan 09.06.2020, 23:39:46

I'm in love with the story. More chapters please.

Shishira B Y 09.06.2020, 17:00:06

This a very nice story.....very emotional.... waiting for the next chapters to read....I hope Rowan gets well and Gabriel Cooper should go talk to Rowan...that might help him.... Alana and Rowan should get back together... really...
please let me know when next chapters are released...

Google User 09.06.2020, 16:51:58

All I want is a happy ending

Favour Chiamaka 09.06.2020, 09:54:25

Author pls rowan shud come back , am killing myself with tears right now

Cecilia Wambura 09.06.2020, 07:27:16

it's nice

Mystic mist 09.06.2020, 06:30:32

oh god!!! I feel so bad for Alana

Layla Inaya khan 08.06.2020, 23:40:17

This book is going on damn interesting. Loving the story. Though there distance makes us sad.

Layla Inaya khan 08.06.2020, 17:50:30

Next update as soon as possible

morganthewriter 08.06.2020, 15:51:56

omg its so good so far I had trouble reading it tho... because I kept crying lol

Mystic mist 08.06.2020, 07:48:03

I literally cried after reading this... I'm dying to know what happened next... please make updates quick for this time... please...

Annie 08.06.2020, 06:01:09

it's a heart breaking chapter but I still hope alana didn't give up on's just that i want them together

unfortunately me 08.06.2020, 02:30:04

OMG!!!!! Norman bates I just googled him as I dint knew who what it....... ohhh lord Rowan is compared to what not

Ijeoma Linda 08.06.2020, 01:18:37

This chapter is the most painful part of this love story! I can’t stop crying.. my heart is so heavy... why is love so painful and wicked? Rowan why??? Why hurt yourself when you know how painful it will be?. Alana don’t loose faith.... more update pls the suspense is killing pls

Ijeoma Linda 07.06.2020, 23:14:00

Rowan you are wicked I swear, after semi making love and telling her sweet things you want to breakup with her? I wonder how Alana will feel I guess her love for you will die immediately!! Pls kittykash update more plsssssss

Goodness Shadrach 07.06.2020, 18:14:48

wow, this is interesting, I want more! Keep up the good word darling and please, update! :)

The last comment in the thread:

Kashmira Kamat (KittyKash) 07.06.2020, 22:02:06

Goodness Shadrach, thanks so much :)

Google User 07.06.2020, 16:16:36

Can't wait for the next chapters

unfortunately me 06.06.2020, 07:40:53

i want to if this is fiction or its for real coz its sooo beautifully written that it doesn't fell shady but genuine n pationate expression of a heavenly feeling❤

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unfortunately me 07.06.2020, 01:11:26

KittyKash, hey iam so glad u cleared my doubt

unfortunately me 06.06.2020, 22:59:59

'Rowan had clicked opened more bras then I had opened soda cans'.....

Mystic mist 06.06.2020, 20:51:39

Oh come on Alana loves Rowan so unconditionally but it hurts when he thinks that she might not be serious and she might find someone better...

Mystic mist 05.06.2020, 20:25:57

can't wait for the RowLana moment!!!!

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Layla Inaya khan 05.06.2020, 22:08:59

Mee too..

Patsy Cing 05.06.2020, 11:52:33

i can't wait to read the chapter where Rowan and Alana meet..... plsss.... i really love this story.....

The last comment in the thread:

Kashmira Kamat (KittyKash) 05.06.2020, 19:00:15

Patsy Cing, thank you :)

Vidhi Jain 05.06.2020, 14:18:04

Wait...but what was the GIFT that chez gave to Alana??

unfortunately me 05.06.2020, 00:43:18

i too want to have chocolate ice-cem on a windy cold evening

Shiza Naeem 04.06.2020, 23:35:34

Loveeee the story ...and also love the way u update

Nkoli Oguagha 03.06.2020, 13:41:28

??? it's so painful.
What a touchy note, everything was said there. Alana is for d best! Rowan I love you more ....and wish you a quick deliverance of yourself.
Kittykash your the best!!!

The last comment in the thread:

Kashmira Kamat (KittyKash) 04.06.2020, 20:34:50

Nkoli Oguagha, thank you :)

Ijeoma Linda 04.06.2020, 20:07:58

Pls update ooo kittykash, I love this story

The last comment in the thread:

Kashmira Kamat (KittyKash) 04.06.2020, 20:34:21

Ijeoma Linda, thanks for reading :)

Ijeoma Linda 03.06.2020, 15:27:16

Am so heart broken, I never seen it coming. Why would Rowan leave her like this.... he would have told her he was leaving...truly he is damaged beyond repair ...Alana buckle up and focus on your studies and love yourself more love comes with pain

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Rakel Malik 04.06.2020, 19:09:44

true,she should just move on
she's too young to go through this

shreya Singh 04.06.2020, 19:05:50

I like the beginning

Layla Inaya khan 04.06.2020, 19:05:21

Next update please

shreya Singh 04.06.2020, 19:05:14

nice beginning

Rakel Malik 04.06.2020, 18:47:18

at this point I'm tired of Rowan and his drama

Arpita 04.06.2020, 18:21:19

plz update fast

Nkoli Oguagha 04.06.2020, 13:29:02

Hey kittykash! Hope you're good?

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